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For all the latest Coronavirus information including support for Copeland residents and businesses

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Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), all our planning staff are now working remotely and the offices are closed to the general public. This will impact on the level of service that we are able to offer at the current time.

Consequently all communications should be sent via e mail to Please note that there may be a delay in any response which can be provided.

Click here for further details on planning services during Covid-19.

Our Planning department receives and issues decisions on planning applications across the borough. We also offer free pre-application advice for anyone who is interested in making an application.


Members of the public can view and comment on planning applications currently under consideration. For further information, click here.


To make a planning application online, click here. This page also contains information and guidance on whether you need planning permission, including householder developments, commercial developments, advertising and signage.


To view our current fees and charges, or to pay your bill, click here.

Advice and guidance 

We offer free advice and guidance prior to you making your planning application. For more information on pre-application advice, click here. For advice on proposals for major developments, click here.


If we refuse your planning permission, you have the right of appeal. For more information on the process, click here.

Planning Panel

Major planning decisions are made in public by our Planning Panel, made up of 11 of our councillors. For more information on the Planning Panel process, click here.

Planning Policy

The Planning Policy team is responsible for producing land use policies and guidance that are used in deciding planning applications and therefore guide future development in the borough. For further information on Planning Policy, click here.