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For all the latest Coronavirus information including support for Copeland residents and businesses

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Pre-application advice

The COVID-19 outbreak is currently impacting our ability to operate our normal level of service provision for Development Management. Our offices are currently closed to the general public and all the Planning Officers are working remotely.

Consequently all communications relating to requests for pre application advice should be sent via e mail to Please note that there may be a delay in any response which can be provided.

We take a proactive approach to development proposals and we encourage applicants to enter into discussions before submitting a planning application. This will allow any issues to be identified and discussed at an early stage so that possible solutions can be suggested. It will also ensure that the correct information is supplied with any application so avoiding delays.

This service is free of charge. Any advice given will be accurate and objective but will be without prejudice to the formal consideration of any subsequent application.

To arrange a meeting or discuss your proposals with a Planning Officer, please contact us.