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For all the latest Coronavirus information including support for Copeland residents and businesses

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Social inclusion

Social inclusion is the process of ensuring everyone can access the services they need to participate fully in society. Click here to read more about social inclusion and how we're working to achieve it.

Examples of social inclusion projects:

Social prescribing

Social prescribing helps people improve their health and wellbeing by connecting them with a range of groups, activities and services. Our social prescribing team has created a directory of local support services and community groups.

Well Whitehaven

Well Whitehaven is a community regeneration project. It brings together partners from different sectors with children and communities to help them realise their ambitions and create a positive impact for future generations. Click here to find out more about Well Whitehaven.

The Copeland Work and Skills Programme

 We lead the Copeland Work and Skills Partnership. You can find out more about the work of the partnership here and its 2019/20 annual review here.