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Consultations, governance, policies and finance

Corporate Leadership Team

Details of our Corporate Leadership Team are available.


We publish our annual accounts and monthly expenditure of over £500.


View a list of current consultations, including details of how to respond.


Further information is available about our procurement process.

Policies and strategies

In the interests of tranparency, we make our policies and strategies publicly available. including our Corporate Stragey, Freedom of Information Policy and Commercial Strategy.

Code of Conduct

We publish the Code of Conduct decision notices relating to borough and town/parish councillors.

Private meetings

We sometimes need to hold all or part of our meetings in private, and publish an advisory notice ahead of the meeting.

Legal notices

In order to adhere to UK Law and Government guidelines, we may publish legal notices on occasion.

National Fraud Initiative

We publish details about role and responsibilities as part of the National Fraud Initiative 2020.


View our Annual Audit Letter 2017/18

View our Independant Auditor's Report

Auditor's Public Interest Report

Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014, section 24 and schedule 7, paragraph 4 – auditor’s public interest report

The Council has received a public interest report from its auditors, Grant Thornton, under section 24 and schedule 7 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014. The report makes two recommendations regarding making arrangements for the production of the 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21 financial statements, which meet statutory requirements and international financial reporting standards, and for implementing outstanding audit recommendations and Annual Governance Statement governance related weaknesses and actions.

The report contains the Council’s management’s response to the recommendation including details of progress made to ensure there are sufficient resources and specialist skills are available to support the accounts production and that a project plan will be developed in consultation with members at their next Audit Committee for completion of the financial statements. The 2018/19 accounts have been signed by the Council’s section 151 officer.

In respect of audit recommendations, significant progress has been made in reducing outstanding audit recommendations from 72 at the end of December 2017 to 23 at the end of March 2020. Delay in dealing with the matters raised in both recommendations is significantly attributable to a cyber-attack which the Council suffered in August 2017 and staffing recruitment difficulties both of which have now been largely overcome.

A copy of the report is available via this link -  

Members of the Council considered the report at its meeting on February 25 and noted the recommendations made by the Council’s external auditors and also the Council’s response (included in the appendix to the report) which set out the actions being taken to address the matters raised. In accordance with paragraph 10(4) of the said schedule 7 a copy of the agenda to that meeting and the reports made available to it, together with the minutes when published will be available for inspection by members of the public at the offices of the council until the expiration of the period of six years beginning with the date of the meeting or available via this link - .