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Enforcement and stray dogs

Our Enforcement team deals with instances of dog fouling, littering, fly-tipping, off-street parking offences and contraventions of Public Space Protection Orders. We also pick up stray dogs and arrange for their owners to collect them.

Dog fouling

We prosecute people who don't pick up their dogs' mess. If you have information about someone who allows their dog to foul, please contact us.

Stray dogs

We pick up stray dogs and arrange for them to be looked after while their owner collects them.


We prosecute people for dropping litter, including chewing gum and cigarette butts.


We clear fly-tips from council land, and prosecute people who illegally dump waste, or allow their rubbish to be dumped. Contact us to report a fly tip.

Off-street parking enforcement

We enforce parking violations in our own car parks. You can pay a parking fine, or lodge an appeal against a parking fine. Please note that on-street parking is the jurisdiction of Cumbria County Council.

Public Space Protection Orders

Public Space Protection Orders deter nuisance behaviour in relation to public alcohol consumption and dog control. These can be enforced by our own officers or by the police. 

Planning enforcement

We can take action when work has been carried out without planning permission.