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Stray dogs

A dog that is not under supervision will foul and could be aggressive. They can also cause road accidents, worry livestock and injure themselves. We collect strays and take them to kennels for their own welfare and for public safety.

If you find a stray when our offices are open

 If you see what you think is a stray dog in Copeland, please contact us with a description and location of the dog.

If you find a stray when our offices are closed

You can contact our out-of-hours kennelling service at Fair View Kennels, Sandwith, Whitehaven, CA28 9UF on 01946 591064.

If you have lost your dog

 If your dog has gone missing, you can contact us with a description of the dog and a date/location of when it was last seen. If we have collected it, it will be at Whinmill Farm Kennels, Workington, CA14 4LA. Please call 01946 832002 to collect it.

You will need to pay a fee before you can pick the dog up. The fee to have a stray dog returned via the kennels is £67.50 and there is an additional £14.60 kennelling fee for each day your dog remains in the kennels. A stray dog will only be held for seven days.

If we do not have your dog

All lost dog reports are passed to our officers, who will attempt to match the description of your dog to any dog collected as a stray.

Microchipping your dog

All dogs must now be microchipped by a veterinary practice. This is a small chip that is inserted under the skin and identifies the dog and owner. A dog with a microchip stands a much better chance of being reunited with its owner.