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Local Validation List

Local planning authorities are required to publish a list of information they need to validate planning applications.

This validation list is based on national and local requirements.

The national requirements include application forms, fees, certificates etc. Currently, Copeland Borough Council does not have any formally adopted local requirements.

In order to ensure a consistent approach for Cumberland Council, which will form on April 1, 2023, in place of Copeland, Allerdale, Carlisle and county councils, we must now introduce a Local Validation List.

This list will reflect recent changes in planning legislation, policy and guidance to ensure best possible practice.


The proposed draft Local Validation List is open for public consultation from February 17 until March 17.

People are invited to comment by email at or in writing to Development Management Team, Copeland Borough Council, Market Hall, Market Place, Whitehaven, CA28 7JG.

Feedback will be taken into consideration after this date and a final Local Validation List will be approved before March 31. It will then form part of the requirements for planning application validation within Cumberland Council from April 1, 2023.


Local Validation List draft proposal

Local Validation List - Appendix A – Windows

Local Validation List - Appendix B – Doors

Local Validation List - Appendix C – Heritage

Local Validation List - Appendix D – Countryside building conversion form

Local Validation List - Appendix E – Ecology

Local Validation List - Appendix F – Tree Surveys

Local Validation List - Appendix G – Flood Risk Assessment

Local Validation List - Appendix H NW SuDs Pro-Forma

Local Validation List - Appendix I – Foul Drainage Form