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For all the latest Coronavirus information including support for Copeland residents and businesses

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Coronavirus - FAQs

Vulnerable residents

I am homeless or at risk of homelessness, can you help me?
Yes, contact our team at any time on 01946 598300, or email

I am a victim of domestic abuse and need to leave my home. Is there anywhere I can go?
Our Prevention and Crisis Support Officer works with those who have suffered domestic abuse or sexual exploitation. In addition to the role, we also provide emergency accommodation to those in need to ensure they have a safe place to stay. For more information on how we can help, call 01946 598300, or email

Waste and recycling collections

Is the waste and recycling service still operating?
Yes, our crews are working hard to keep delivering services in your community. Please bear with us if your collection is delayed – the pandemic has put considerable pressure on the service. Please help our crews by cleaning your bin handles and box edges, washing and squashing your recycling and only putting out your recycling or waste if it is full.

I have a case of Covid-19, or a suspected case of Covid-19, in my household. What do I do with my waste?
Most of your household waste can be disposed of as normal.

To dispose of any face coverings, PPE or tissues you or members of your household use when self- isolating, you should:

  • double bag them
  • store them for 72 hours before putting them in your ‘black bin’ or ‘blue bag’ household waste. Do not put them in a recycling bin.

My collection has been missed. What do I do?
Check our website, or social media, for information. If we have not managed to complete your round it’s likely we will return for it soon. For individual missed bins, we are very unlikely to be able to come back and it’s probable you will have to wait until your next collection day.

I don’t have any blue bags left and need to dispose of household waste. What should I do?
Email or call us on 01946 598300, and we will arrange a drop off or pick up of blue bags.

My recycling boxes or bag have been lost or misplaced. What can I do?
We are currently concentrating our resources on recycling and waste collections, so may not always be able to replace bags and bins as promptly as we would wish. Please give us a call on 01946 598300 if you urgently need new containers, and we will do our best.

Council Tax

I usually pay my Council Tax in person at one of your offices. How can I pay this now they’re closed to the public?
You can pay online, or by phone. Alternatively you can set up a Direct Debit or standing order. Full details can be found here.

I can’t afford to pay my Council Tax as I have been financially affected by the virus. What help is available? 
If your income has reduced you may be eligible for certain benefits including Council Tax Reduction. Copeland Council is also able to offer a further £300 off the bills of those who receive this benefit for 2020/21. We also have a small fund to assist people not in receipt of this benefit, who have been significantly financially affected by Covid-19. More information here. You can also check whether you are eligible for any Council Tax discounts here. We can also reduce the monthly payment by spreading the costs over 12 months, rather than 10.

Takeaway and/or food delivery premises

I own, or work at, a takeaway and I’m not sure what measures I should be taking to prevent the spread of the virus?
The Government has produced detailed guidance for food premises operating during the pandemic here. Our Environmental Health team has also prepared guidance in-line with Government advice.

Further FAQs

Central Government has also produced a detailed list of FAQs. To view these go to: