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For all the latest Coronavirus information including support for Copeland residents and businesses

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Delayed recycling/waste collections

Sometimes there might be delays to our collections. Reasons could include:

• Roadworks and road closures

• Access issues (often caused by parked cars that our vehicles are unable to manoeuvre around)

• Adverse weather conditions

• Vehicle breakdowns

We apologise if your collection has been delayed and we will make further attempts to collect your waste and/or recycling at the next possible opportunity.

Please see information below for details of collections that have been delayed, and our anticipated return date. We will only publish details of delayed collections on this page when the impact is widespread.

Contact us for information about individual missed collections, ie where your neighbours' collection has been completed but yours has not, or where only a small number of properties are concerned.


We have full or partial recycling collections yet to complete. Please leave your recycling out and we will return as soon as possible.

Due to a vehicle breakdown, we still have outstanding collections in Millom and Lowca from Tuesday.

We had access issues at Bedford Street, Hensingham, last Friday and will endeavour to return today (Thursday).

Outstanding from Wednesday:


  • Esk Avenue,
  • Calder Avenue,
  • Irt Avenue,
  • Pow Avenue,
  • Back Corkickle,
  • The Gardens,
  • Castle Mews ,
  • Foxhouses Road,
  • The Ginns,
  • The Rise
  • Jefferson Park 
  • Low Road,
  • Burnt Houses
  • Meadow View
  • Woodstock lane,
  • Bleng Avenue,
  • Burnmoor Avenue,
  • Coalgrove Road,
  • Copeland Avenue,
  • Uldale Avenue,

 Seascale area

  • The Banks
  • The Fairways
  • Links Crescent
  • Green Close
  • Wholehouse Rd
  • Eskdale Place
  • Coniston Ave
  • CroftHead Rd
  • Gosforth Rd
  • Lingmell Wood
  • Seascale Park
  • Highfield Close