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Waste arrangements during Covid-19

While our household collections are still operating, we are asking for your support to ensure they can continue.

Waste from households with Covid-19

The Government advice is that waste from a house with cases of Covid-19 (or suspected Covid-19) should be placed in a bag, which is then sealed, placed inside another bag, which is also sealed, and then stored for 72 hours before being put out for collection.

The three-day wait before placing the waste in your household waste bin is all-important in protecting collection and disposal staff.

We ask that you do this to ensure safety, even if this means missing a collection.

Do not put used tissues in your recycling box.

Missed collections and uncompleted rounds

Because of Covid-19, our recycling and waste collection teams can often be stretched.

If we miss collections we will try to get back within 48 hours. But there may still be a chance that, because of capacity issues caused by the pandemic, we can’t return until the next collection. If this happens to you, we’d like to thank you for your understanding.

If we don’t get to your refuse collection, and can’t return, we will take up to four additional bags of waste at your next collection.

The factors affecting our waste collections can change on a daily basis, so we advise keeping an eye on our social media feeds and website.

If we are unable to complete a collection round and there is a large number of properties we have not been able to collect from, you will find information on when the round will be completed here.


Collection of your bins, boxes and bag

Only put out your bins and recycling boxes/bag if they are full. If there is enough space left and it could wait until your next collection, please try to do so.

We also ask that you wash your hands before and after putting your bins out, and disinfect the rims/handles.

Please wash and squash your recycling materials so you can fit more in your boxes and bag, and we can fit more in our collection vehicles.

As more people are working from home, there are more cars parked on our streets during the day. On your collection day, please park in a way that allows access for our waste vehicles.

If you use a communal collection point for your bin, please return it to your home as soon as possible after it has been emptied.


Cardboard collections

Because our service is stretched due to the pandemic, we can't take extra cardboard (as we normally would), so please make sure it's all inside your white bag. The cardboard section of our lorries is the first to fill up, and this can often mean extra trips to drop it off, so we appreciate your help in this.

Cut up and compress your card to fit more in. If you have more than will fit in your bag, please store it until your next collection, or until normal service resumes, if you can.

Recycling centres

Our recycling centres are open, but please do not make a non-essential trip especially to use one.

Household Waste Recycling Centres (tips)

These are operated by Cumbria County Council and are open. Click here to read about restrictions.

Garden waste collections

Our garden waste collections have restarted, and run fortnightly until November.

Composting is a good alternative, and you can order heavily discounted compost bins from Cumbria County Council. For more information about home composting and the discounted bins, visit The county council is also offering discounted food digesters, which turn your food waste into nutrition for your garden. Find out more here.

Bulky waste collections 

Our bulky waste collections have resumed but waiting times may be affected by staffing levels during the pandemic. For further details, click here.

If you pay someone to collect your waste, you must ensure they are an appropriately licensed collector.

Before paying someone to take waste away:

  • ask to see their waste carrier's licence and the permit number for the waste facility they intend to use
  • ask them for their business address and telephone number
  • record the vehicle description and registration number

The Environment Agency offers a free validation check on 08708 506 506 or here.

Replacement bins, boxes and bags

Currently our resources are concentrated on collecting your waste and recycling. Deliveries of replacement bins or boxes may be severely delayed. You are currently not able to collect boxes/bins/bags/lids from our offices. You can email to be added to a list for when deliveries start again.

Recycling and waste vehicles

If a vehicle is being repaired, your recycling might be collected differently. We might use the lorry we usually use for household waste. It will collect card/paper and – separately – plastic, metal and glass. All your materials will still be recycled. It is not 'all going into the same lorry.' Please continue to sort your recycling before putting it out for collection.
If only some of your recycling is collected, please leave the rest out – we’ll be back.