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Towns Fund - Millom


The Government launched the Towns Fund to invest in towns and high streets across England as part of its plan to level up our regions. This brought together Town Deals and the Future High Streets Fund. 101 places were selected to work with Government and agree a Town Deal. 72 places were successful in securing Future High Streets funding.

In September 2019, we were invited to bid for up to £25 million of funding under the Towns Fund for Millom.

Millom - and each of the 101 towns selected to work towards a Town Deal - also received accelerated funding in 2020 for investment in capital projects that would have an immediate impact and help places “build back better” in the wake of Covid-19.

Working alongside Copeland Borough Council, the Millom Town Deal Board secured an offer of £20.6 million from the fund in July 2021 for projects it identified as local priorities.

On November 10 2022 the council and the Millom Town Deal received the news that their businesses cases had been accepted and the offer of £20.6 million secured.

 There projects are:

Activating Community Health - will provide a multi-purpose community and leisure hub with a swimming pool and 3G pitch, in addition to investment in outdoor amenity space at Millom and Haverigg Parks.

 Reactivating heritage buildings - a proposal to significantly enhance Millom Town Centre by bringing derelict, vacant and underused heritage buildings back into active use to increase vitality and footfall.

 Connected Millom and Haverigg - improving Millom’s transport network to create a gateway to the town at the railway station, while transforming cycling and walking infrastructure in both Millom and Haverigg.

 The Iron Line - a project to sensitively transform the unique coastal lagoon and sea wall into an inspirational and fully inclusive, nationally significant visitor attraction.

 Each aims to help maximise inclusive economic growth and better connectivity for the area while developing a welcoming arts, culture and tourism offer, thriving independent businesses and healthy, active people.

Please find below updates and information on the bid process.


View the prospectus that was issued to us by the Government.

View the Millom Spatial Framework document.

View the Milliom Local Assurance Framework document.

View the readiness checklist we were asked to submit for Millom.

View the map of the agreed area for Millom's bid.

A public meeting was held on January 22 in Millom to offer further details about the process. View the presentation that was delivered.

View the make-up of the Board and members' profiles.

View the Declarations of Interest Protocol and  Terms of Reference.

View the Register of Interests.

View the Millom Town Deal Consultation Boards.

Agendas and minutes

Agenda for September 28 2020

Agenda for October 19, 2020

Agenda for November 30, 2020

Minutes for November 30, 2020

Agenda for December 21, 2020

Minutes for December 21, 2020

Agenda for January 22, 2021

Minutes for January 22, 2021

Agenda for July 30, 2021

Minutes for July 30, 2021

Agenda for September 28, 2021

Minutes for September 28, 2021

Agenda for December 1, 2021

Minutes for December 1, 2021 (Draft)

Agenda for April 1, 2022

Minutes for April 1, 2022

Agenda for July 1, 2022

Minutes for July 1, 2022

Agenda for December 7, 2022

Minutes for December 7, 2022

Agenda for March 6, 2023

Minutes for March 6, 2023

Agenda for June 7, 2023

Minutes for June 7, 2023

Agenda for November 17, 2023

Minutes for November 17, 2023

Agenda for February 26, 2024

Agenda for May 16, 2024


From February 2022 all press releases will be loaded onto the Millom Town Deal wesbite which can be accessed here

View the press release announcing the launch of the Millom Town Deal website

View the press release announcing the design team for the Iron Line project

View the press release announcing the winning logo design for The Iron Line following a schools competition

View the press release detailing how to access a survey to give your views on new leisure facilities

View the press release detailing the new exhibition to showcase shortlisted Iron Line design teams

View the press release outling how the community swimming pool and leisure HUB has taken a step forwards.

View the press release inviting Millom residents to Iron Line exhibition.

View the press release announcing the launch of the Iron Line project.

View the press release announcing that all four projects will be going forward to the next stage.

View the press release to announce the appointment of the Millom Town Fund Board's new Chair.

Millom will receive £500,000 of immediate funding for projects that will be completed by March 2021.

View the announcement that the Town Investment Plan has been agreed.

View the press release to announce the completion of the accelerated funding projects.

View the Town Investment Plan for Millom.

View the announcement that £20.6m has been offered to Copeland Council and the Millom Town Deal Board.

View the Millom Town Deal Update Report November 2023.

Follow the Board on Facebook for regular updates and information.

Community engagement

We have produced a newsletter to update residents on progress made. It also includes our draft vision and strategic framework, on which we are inviting feedback.