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For all the latest Coronavirus information including support for Copeland residents and businesses

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Our kerbside recycling service is available to 96 per cent of homes - you can check here to see whether you have a collection.

Read our leaflet about what goes in each box here. You can also get more detail about how the scheme works here.

Elasticated box covers are available, free of charge, from our offices. You can also use rigid lids for storage purposes but please don't put them out on collection days.

Keep up to date with the latest developments at our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

If you are not on a kerbside collection round, you can still use our community recycling points.

Read some great reasons to recycle plastic here.

Read our handy windy weather advice.

You'll receive a calendar in the post each March, and you can view it here. You can also  contact us for a replacement or large print one.