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Our kerbside recycling service is available to 96 per cent of homes - you can check your calendar here to see if you have a collection, and when it will be.

The service uses two wheeled bins - one (with a blue lid) for paper and card, and a red-lidded one for metal, plastic and glass. 


Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our kerbside recycling service.

We have a leaflet that tells you what can go in each bin.


We can only collect what is inside your bins with the lids closed. We can't collect your bin if it's overfilled, and we can't take any additional recycling left alongside. If we find something we're not able to collect, we'll attach a note to your bin to tell you why. Each household can only have one of each bin. Larger bins are available for those who qualify.


If you are not on a kerbside collection round, you can still use our community recycling points.