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Footway lighting

We maintain a small stock of footway lighting on car parks, footpaths and small mostly rural pockets of land.

These lights are not roadway or street lighting. That responsibility falls under Cumbria County Council and as such any faults or issues should be reported to them direct via their call centre or website.

Our lighting generally covers Copeland Borough Council-owned car parks, footpaths and smaller pockets of land formerly owned by the council.    

For the maintenance, repair and removal of our lighting the following information is as set out in our policy.

  • We will continue to maintain any existing Copeland Council lights for as long as they are considered to be structurally sound and compliant with safety requirements as per EU commission Regulation (EC) No 245/2009.
  • We will continue to facilitate requests for new lights, but only on the basis that all capital and revenue costs are wholly funded by a third party (such as a parish council or housing association)
  • Priority will be given to removing footway lights where they are in a poor physical condition with no automatic replacement unless funded by a third party. The exception being where the council is required to provide lighting in discharge of other legal duties.