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Recycling - windy weather advice

When windy weather is forecast, we have some handy tips to help with your kerbside recycling.

We know boxes and bags can sometimes get blown around if the wind is particularly bad, and this can cause real litter problems, as well as the loss of the recycling materials to the service.

  • Remember you don’t have to put out your containers every fortnight. If you think you could manage until next time, please do – this is also a more efficient and environmentally-friendly way of recycling, even when the weather isn’t bad. It also reduces the risk of your boxes becoming lost or damaged, and of the contents being blown around.
  • On a windy day, a lot of residents take a moment to put their containers in a more sheltered location. Sometimes they can be placed just inside gates, or against a wall, to help protect them. We know it’s not possible for everyone, but putting containers out in a less exposed spot can help. If you put your boxes in a more sheltered position but still visible, and not too far from the kerbside, we’ll endeavour to collect them. We’ll also do our best to put the containers back in a sheltered spot.
  • Use your soft lids. Although you can’t use your rigid plastic lids when you put your recycling out, the soft elasticated ones are just as effective. They can be tied securely to the rim of the box, which means they – and the box’s contents - shouldn’t blow away.
  • Crush everything. This fits more in each container and makes them heavier.
  • If you're not able to bring in the containers straight after collection, why not ask a neighbour if they would mind taking yours in too? Or be a good samaritan and fetch in your neighbours' if you know they are out.