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Pest control

We offer a pest control service to both residents and businesses in the borough.

Our domestic service offers free of charge advice, treatment and prevention techniques for rat infestations. We also offer advice and chargeable treatments for cockroach, bed bugs and flea infestations, which are considered a public health risk, as well as advice and treatments for other pest that may be causing a nuisance in the home.

Our commercial pest control service offers advice, treatment and prevention information to businesses in the borough. Our competitively priced service and knowledgeable staff will provide everything you need to keep your premises safe and free from certain pests. For a free quotation email or call 01946 598361.

We currently do not provide a pest treatment for the following - squirrels, bees, moles and birds. We do not offer any treatment for protected species.

Pest treatment charges 

Please contact our team for current treatment charges. 

To book a treatment please call 01946 598361 or email Treatments are normally arranged as morning or afternoon appointments during weekdays (not including bank holidays).

For chargeable services fees are payable at time of booking.

Commercial premises: please contact us on 01946 598361 or email for more information and to request a quotation. 


Please see below for our range of advice and information sheets:

Safety Data Sheets for the products we use are available on request by calling 01946 598361 or emailing

View the terms and conditons for our pest control service. 

Rodent infestation 

Residents can help reduce the risks of rodent infestation by:

• Not leaving food out for wild birds and other animals, as this provides a food source and may attract rodents to your property.

• Reducing potential nesting sites by keeping gardens as clean and tidy as possible and aiming to cutting back overgrown areas.

• Compost bins can be a warm comfortable environment for rats. Place your compost bin on a hard standing or on a strong mesh and make sure the door fits correctly.

• If you keep animals such as rabbits or chickens in your garden, store their food in steel bins and only give them enough food for one sitting. Remove any surplus food before sunset.

• Keep your home in good repair so rodents cannot gain entry, ensure there are no gaps under doors/windows (including garage doors). Any cracks/gaps around pipes should be filled.

• Decking provides great homes for rats so where possible make sure litter doesn’t accumulate underneath and check for signs of digging.

• Ensure drain covers and air bricks are in place and undamaged.

• Store household waste appropriately in bins or sealed bags and try to avoid leaving food waste exposed.