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Grass cutting

The grass cutting season usually runs from March/April through to October/November.

We cut our grass areas across the borough at various frequencies, depending on how often it is needed and the type of site it is.  In many locations we have changed our grass cutting regimes to leave more grass longer for wildlife and to allow wild flowers to grow.

Soft and wet ground conditions will sometimes make it difficult or even dangerous to operate mowing machines, and can lead to delays in grass cutting schedules.

We maintain the council’s tree stock including woodlands and specimen amenity trees on our own land. Our current work programme operates outside the bird nesting season (November to February) and is prioritised to ensure that our limited resource is focussed to where it is needed most.

We do offer a tree service and can provide free estimates for works. For further information, contact us.

Please contact our Planning team to request permission to carry out tree works in conservation areas or on trees protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).