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Garden bin collections

Your garden waste bin is collected every two weeks between March and November.  View your collection calendar.

Your brown bin is for green or garden waste. In your brown bin you can put:

  • leaves
  • hedge cuttings
  • dead flowers
  • weeds
  • prunings
  • grass cuttings

 Please do not put the following in your brown bin:

  • soil, stones or rubble
  • food waste
  • glass and metal
  • plastic, paper or card
  • dog and cat litter
  • nappies
  • general household waste
  • plant pots
  • animal faeces and bedding

Additional brown bin collection service

We are offering an enhanced collection service to residents with larger gardens. You can pay for an additional garden waste bin to be collected, for an annual charge of £37. It will be collected fortnightly, alongside your existing brown bin.

If you need to buy an additional bin for this, they are available from us at £32. If you'd like to arrange an additional bin or garden waste collection, please contact us.

These collections are for garden waste only and if any bins are found to contain household waste they will not be collected. As with existing brown bins, they will not be collected during the winter season. A maximum of one additional green waste bin is allowed per household.

Home composting and composting bins

Why not try home composting? See our composting page for tips, plus links to heavily-discounted compost bins and food digesters for Cumbria residents.