List of committees

Agendas and meetings

Here is a list of all the current Copeland Committees.

Committee Summary Archive
Annual council meeting

The annual council is a meeting attended by all elected Copeland councillors.

May 2014
Audit committee

Currently consisting of seven Councillors appointed on a politically balanced basis and chaired by an independent member appointed for that purpose by the council.

The committee’s role is to approve our Statement of Accounts and to oversee the internal and external audits of the council’s finances, performance and to receive the Annual Governance Report and other reports dealing with governance.  

May 2014
Electoral review working party

Electoral view working party

June 2014
Executive committee

The Elected Mayor chooses councillors to form a decision-making body, the Executive. The current Executive is made up of three people - two Labour members and a Conservative member - plus the Mayor himslef, who is independent.

The Executive is responsible for most day-to-day decisions affecting service delivery. For a list of portfolio responsibilities for each member go to 'How the Council is run.'

May 2014
Licensing committee

Is responsible for:

  • The discharge on behalf of the council of all licensing functions contained in the Licensing Act 2003 other than the determination of a licensing policy in accordance with section 5 of that Act.
  • The discharge on behalf of the council of all licensing functions contained in the Gambling Act 2005 other than the determination of a gambling policy in accordance with section 349 of that Act.
  • Fee setting, where appropriate, under the Gambling Act 2005, Town and Police Clauses Act 1847 and the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976
  • The review of premises licences of a particular class by the licensing authority under section 200(1) of the Gambling Act 2005.
May 2014
Local development framework working party

The Local Development Framework Working Party consists of nine members.Its role is to oversee the process of Local Plan review and replacement. In doing so it must consider all National, Regional and Sub-Regional planning policy guidance and related material. It may advise the Council’s Executive on such issues when a formal corporate view is required.

May 2014
Member development panel

The Member Development Panel oversees all councillor training and development on behalf of the council. It consists of seven members.

It agrees all training and development strategies and programmes for councillors, including agreeing the Annual Member Development Programme and events not included in the programme,

It also encourages & promotes a culture of learning and continuous improvement.

May 2014
OSC external

There are currently two Overview and Scrutiny Committees, one Internal and one External and they are politically balanced. Members of the Executive are excluded from membership of the

 Within their terms of reference the OSCs will:-

  • Review and/or scrutinise decisions made or actions taken in connection with the discharge of any of the council’s functions;
  • Make reports and/or recommendations to the council and/or its cabinet and other committees and/or any joint committee in connection with the discharge of any functions and/or any other partner organisation;
  • Consider any matter affecting the area;
  • Consider/determine “called-in” decisions of the Executive.
May 2013
OSC internal

The council has two Overview and Scrutiny Committees (OSCs) – one Internal OSC and one External OSC.

The Internal OSC is responsible for holding the Executive to account for the decisions they make and focusing on other internal council issues, for example policy development and review. This committee is chaired by Councillor Keith Hitchen.

Both committees have nine Members and are party politically balanced.

The OSCs follow an annual Work Programme which is set at the beginning of every council year, usually in May with capacity set aside for any urgent or up and coming issues throughout the year. 


May 2013
Overview and Scrutiny Committee

From 14 May 2013, there will be one Overview & Scrutiny Committee.

May 2014
Personnel panel

Their role is to:-

  • Consider applications, conduct interviews for, and make appointments to posts of chief officers.
  • Consider and determine proposals for major service restructuring which involve senior posts
  • Be responsible for all matters relating to the salary and conditions of service of the Head of the Paid Service, in accordance with such policies as may be decided by the council from time to time.
  • Conduct hearings and determine any matters referred to the Panel in accordance with the council’s Disciplinary, Grievance and Redundancy Procedures.
  • Consider and determine matters relating to the discipline capability and redundancy of chief officers in accordance with the Joint Negotiating Committee for Chief Officers of Local Authorities’ Conditions of Service.
  • Determine applications for early retirement under the council's Early Retirement Scheme which fall outside the delegation to the Chief Executive.
  • Consider and advise the Executive and council on development of all policies on employment and the council’s Pay and Workforce Strategy.
May 2014
Planning panel

The role of the Planning Panel is to determine applications for planning permission and consultation on planning applications or Crown proposals which include applications for the development or change of use of premises and matters relating to historic buildings. They are also responsible for the enforcement of all legislation relating to planning control, other than those delegated for determination to the Head of Nuclear, Energy and Planning. This includes applications made by the council itself.

We do not deal with county matters, the Lake District National Park Authority and nationally significant infrastructure projects.

May 2014
Strategic housing panel

The role of the Panel includes:

  • To consider and make recommendations to the Executive on Cumbria-wide and regional housing issues.
  • To consider and make recommendations to the Executive and/or Council as necessary on other aspects of the Council’s powers and duties as a strategic local housing authority
  • To act as the prime strategic consultative body between the Council and Registered Social Landlords, other local housing providers and the Housing Corporation.
May 2014
Strategic nuclear and energy board

There are seven members of the Strategic Nuclear and Energy Board. The board’s role is to monitor all nuclear and other energy issues on a strategic level. Recommendations can be made by the board to the Executive and/or Full Council.

May 2014
Taxi and general licensing panel

Responsible for:-

  • the determination of certain applications for Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Driver Licences.
  • Determining whether any action should be taken in respect of Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Driver Licences and the suspension or revocation of such under certain circumstances.
  • Determination of appeals regarding licensing.
  • The appointment of Hackney Carriage stands
  • The fixing and variation of the table of fares relating to Hackney Carriage vehicles.
  • Applications for the licensing of sex establishments.
May 2014
Whitehaven community governance review panel

The Whitehaven Community Governance Review Panel was established following a Full Council decision on 5 December 2013 to conduct a Community Governance Review in the un-parished wards of the Borough in and around the town of Whitehaven to establish whether there is public support for a parish tier of governance in the town.

There are eight members of the Panel, seven representing unparished wards within Whitehaven and one representing a parished ward outside the Whitehaven area.

December 2013