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We have five cemeteries which are located in Whitehaven (adjacent to the St Bees Road), Hensingham, Beckermet, Netherwasdale and Millom. All are cemeteries are open to the public.

In Whitehaven cemetery, there is a large section of the old cemetery that is maintained as a nature conservation area where many examples of unusual trees and plants can be found along with old headstones which reveal much about the history of the town.

Anyone seeking the grave site of a deceased relative can make enquiries to the office at the Crematorium who will be happy to assist, to locate the site, even of unmarked graves, through the cemetery records.

For more information about the process of Transferring Exclusive Rights of Burial Deeds.

Memorial benches

We offer you the opportunity to commemorate a loved one by dedicating a bench in their memory at our cemeteries.

Memorial (headstone) testing

 Our rolling programme of inspection and maintenance of Copeland’s burial grounds and cemeteries is under way.

Grave care

We offer a maintenance service to help you care for your loved ones' graves in our cemeteries.

The split-level service offers you the chance to have a grave maintained up to four times per year, depending on which plan you choose.

Our professional staff will ensure headstones are washed, any foliage is cleared and that lettering is maintained and refreshed when needed.

Images of the maintained area will then be sent to you, once the service has been carried out, so that you can see that your loved one’s final resting place is well cared for.

We also offer those who chose to purchase the seasonal plan the opportunity to have flowers placed at the gravesite, twice per year, to celebrate occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.  

Our grave care service is provided as follows:


Bi-annual Grave Care (two visits per year) - £125

Seasonal Grave Care (four visits per year) - £300

Washing the headstone



Clearing of degrading foliage



Re-gilding of the headstone lettering (if required)



Photographs of maintenance, once complete, sent via email



Flowers placed on the grave to mark two special occasions per year



Our grave care service is available at all council owned cemeteries which includes; Whitehaven, Hensingham, Beckermet, Millom and Nether Wasdale.  

Grave care service application form

Terms and conditions

To speak to a member of our team email or call 01946 830561.