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Antisocial behaviour reviews

Antisocial behaviour is behaviour that has caused, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to someone. It can have a huge impact on its victims and, in some cases, on the wider community. 

If you have reported three or more incidents of antisocial behaviour in six months to the council, police or housing provider, and the behaviour continues, you can ask for the case to be reviewed. The review will look at whether further action could be taken to resolve the issue.

An antisocial behaviour case review cannot address concerns about council services. If you have a complaint about a council service, use the Cumberland Council's Complaints procedure.

Who can ask for a review?

You can apply for a antisocial behaviour case review if you are:

  • a victim – this could be a person, business or community group
  • Someone looking to apply for a review on behalf of a victim, with their consent. You could be a friend, relative, carer, councillor, Member of Parliament, or other professional person
  • a senior Cumberland Council manager who decides a case review is necessary to safeguard a vulnerable victim of antisocial behaviour

How to apply

You can apply for a review of your case here:

 Download the ASB case review form

You can also contact us for more information.