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Planning Policy Evidence Base

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In preparing the Local Development Framework we must ensure that the decisions it makes are supported by up-to-date evidence of the social, economic and environmental characteristics of Copeland.  This evidence base is constantly being added to and will be updated as work progresses.     

The list below provides links (where available) to documents which make up the Copeland LDF Evidence Base:  


Planning Legislation      

National Planning Policy Framework

Planning Practice Guidance

Localism Act 2011

Planning Act 2008 

Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004

National Planning Policy Statements (PPS)

Planning Policy Guidance Notes (PPG) and Circulars   

National Policy Statements for Energy Infrastructure    

White Paper 'Managing Radioactive Waste Safely: A Framework for Implementing Geological Disposal' (2008)    

Planning for a Sustainable Future: White Paper (2007)   

Living Working Countryside: The Taylor Review (2008)      

Government Response to the Taylor Review of Rural Economy and Affordable Housing (2009)    

Good Practice in Managing the Evening and Late Night Economy: A Literature Review from an Environmental Perspective (ODPM, 2006)     

The Pitt Review Lessons learned from the 2007 Floods    

Government Response to the Pitt Review  

UK Biodiversity Action Plan (2007)   

National Infrastructure Planning     

The Community Infrastructure Levy (Amendment) Regulations 2011

UK Marine Policy Statement (2011)  

Marine and Coastal Access Act (2009)    

Planning for Biodiversity and Geological Conservation: A Guide to Good Practice (2006)  Archived and relaced by Planning Practice Guidance - delete

Government Circular ODPM 6/2005: Biodiversity and Geological Conservation (2006)  Not on list of docs that are replaced by Planning Practice Guidance - keep   

Circular 01/2006: Guidance on Changes to the Development Control System   Archived and relaced by Planning Practice Guidance - delete       

CABE: Design and Access Statements: How to write, read and use them   

CABE: Building for Life     

DCLG: Code for Sustainable Homes - delete


NPPF Supplement 'Planning Policy for Traveller Sites (2012)      

Circular 01/06 Planning for Gypsy and Traveller Caravan Sites (2006) - Archived and relaced by Planning Practice Guidance - delete        

The Role of Nuclear Power in a Low Carbon Economy          



The North West Plan: Regional Spatial Strategy to 2021 (2008) - delete     

Submited Draft North West Plan (RSS) Partial Review (2009) -delete     

North West Regional Economic Strategy (2006) - delete      

North West Science Strategy (NWDA 2007) - delete         



Cumbria Community Strategy 2008 - 2028      

Cumbria and the Lake District Joint Structure Plan 2001 - 2016 (2006) - delete     

Cumbria Minerals and Waste Local Plan / Cumbria Minerals and Waste Development Framework      

Cumbria Local Transport Plan 2006 - 2011 - delete     

Cumbria Transport Plan Strategy 2011 - 2026      

Cumbria Sub Regional Spatial Strategy 2008 - 2028      

Cumbria Climate Change Strategy 2008 – 2012 (2008) - delete and replace with Cumbria Climate Change Action Plan 2009-14    

Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership - Cumbria Strategic Economic Plan 2014-2024: The Four Pronged Attack - add

Cumbria Economic Plan (2007) - delete      

Cumbria Economic Strategy 2009-2019      

Cumbria Sub-Regional Action Plan 2009 – 2012 - delete      

Cumbria Biodiversity Action Plan       

Cumbria Biodiversity Evidence Base for Cumbria Authorities (2008)      

Cumbria Rights of Way Improvement Plan (2007)      

Cumbria Wind Energy Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) (2007)      

Cumbria Landscape Character Guidance and Toolkit (2011)      

Cumbria Landscape Strategy (1998)      

The Scope for Renewable Energy in Cumbria (August 2009)       

Cumbria Renewable Energy Capacity and Deployment Study (2011)

Cumbria County Council Cumulative Impacts of Vertical Infrastructure - add?      

Cumbria Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Needs Assessment (2008)  - delete    

Cumbria Gypsy and Traveller Draft Strategy (2010) - delete

Cumbria Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (2013) 

Cumbria Historic Landscape Characterisation (2009)      

The Tourism Strategy for Cumbria 2008-2018          


West Cumbria/Copeland Documents/Studies:  

Regeneration and Masterplanning:  

The West Cumbria Economic Blueprint (June 2012)      

Britain's Energy Coast: A Masterplan for West Cumbria       

West Cumbria Spatial Masterplan

The Spatial Implications of Britain's Energy Coast; Employment Land Review Update (2012)      

Copeland Borough Council Local Plan 2001- 2016 (2006)  - delete    

Whitehaven Town Centre Development Framework: A Sea Change (2006) - Prospectus    

Whitehaven Town Centre Development Framework: A Sea Change (2006) - Development Framework      

Whitehaven Town Centre Development Framework: A Sea Change (2006) - Baseline      

Cleator Moor Mini-Masterplan 2004      

Egremont Mini-Masterplan 2004       

Millom Action Plan 2012          



West Cumbria Employment Land Review Update (January 2012)      

West Cumbria Projections Paper - Projecting Employment and Housing Change (January 2012)      

West Cumbria Employment Land and Premises Study (2008)      

West Cumbria Retail Study (2009)      

LDF Retail Assessment Addendum Report (January 2012)          



Copeland Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (2007)     

Copeland Core Strategy and Development Management Policies DPD Sustainability Appraisal September 2012    

Copeland Core Strategy and Development Management Policies DPD Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report September 2009      

Copeland Core Strategy and Dvelopment Management Policies DPD Sustainability Appraisal of the Preferred Options May 2010 

Copeland Local Plan 2013-2028: Site Allocations and Policies Plan - Preferred Options Sustainability Appraisal Consultation Draft January 2015     

Cumbria Wind Energy Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)      

Cumbria Biodiversity Evidence Base (online resource)      

Copeland Air Quality Review and Assessment Progress Report (2007)      

Whitehaven Town Centre and High Street Conservation Areas Character Appraisal (2009)      

Shoreline Management Plan 1 and 2      

Copeland Play Strategy Update 2007 - 2012      

Copeland PPG17 Study and Leisure Strategy - Open Space Assessment April 2011      

A Playing Pitch Study for Copeland Borough Council April 2011      

Sport Facilities Strategy for Copeland, Leisure Needs Assessment April 2011      

Furness and West Cumbria Local Brownfield Strategy August 2009      

Environment Agency South West Lakes Catchment Flood Management Final Plan 2008          



Future Generation: A Strategy for Sustainable Communities in West Cumbria 2007 – 2027      

Copeland Partnership Plan - A Strategy for Sustainable Communities in Copeland 2011-2012      

Cultural Strategy for Copeland Final Report (2002)

Village Services Surveys (2010) 

NHS Cumbria Executive Summary Cumbria Local Health Economy Strategic Plan 2014-19

Supporting the Health of Young People in Cumbria - A Summary of the Health Related Behaviour Survey - delete

West Cumbria Health Improvement Plan 2008-2010 - delete

Cumbria Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2012-15 - add?    

Health Related Behaviour Survey 2010 - add?     

Health Related Behaviour Survey 2012 - add?    

Community Plans          



Copeland Borough Council Housing Strategy 2011-2015      

Interim Strategic Housing Market Assessments for Copeland (2009) - delete      

Copeland Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) (2011)      

Copeland Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)      

Copeland Housing Viability Study (Nov 2011)      

West Cumbria Projections Paper - Projecting Employment and Housing Change (January 2012)      

Cumbria Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (2013)   

Private Sector House Condition Survey (2007)          



Copeland Infrastructure Deficit Report (February 2011)      

Copeland Strategy for Infrastructure (March 2012)      

Roads for Housing Areas and Parking Standards: updated guidance (2009)          



Britain's Energy Coast - Investment Strategy - Nuclear Topic Paper (December 2011)          


Published: 17 April 2013 - 9:12am