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Leisure Studies Series

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In 2010 the Council commissioned a series of leisure studies examining open space, sport and recreation facilities for the Copeland Borough. The three reports are available to download below.

Copeland PPG17 Study and Leisure Strategy - Open Space Assessment -April 2011

The aim of this study was to undertake research, analyse and present conclusions meeting the requirements of 'Planning Policy Guidance Note 17: Planning for Open Space, Sport and Recreation'. The study follows the 5 key stages of PPG17:

  • Step 1 - Identifying Local Needs
  • Step 2 - Audit Local Provision
  • Step 3 - Setting Provision Standards
  • Step 4 - Application of Provision Standards
  • Step 5 - Drafting Policies and Implementation Plan


    Open Space Assessment Final Report April 2011 (PDF)

    Identification of Local Need - Community Consultation Report (PDF)

    Consultation Report Appendices (PDF)


A Playing Pitch Study for Copeland Borough Council - April 2011

This study provides:

  • a comprehensive assessment of the supply of, demand for, and distribution of accessible outdoor playing pitches and certain other outdoor facilities in and around the local authority area;
  • an analysis of the quantity and quality of pitches in the area;
  • a comprehensive set of recommendations for local standards of provision and other guidance offered for planning purposes, including strategic recommendations relating to deficiences, existing provision to be protected, and proposals for new provision including measures in relation to the quality of provision;
  • a review of the adequacy of existing provision against these standards, and other appropriate standards, to meet existing and future need;
  • an action plan with time-scales to inform planners negotiating for developer contributions and to inform service delivery; and;
  • an approach for developer contributions.

    A Playing Pitch Study for Copeland Borough Council - April 2011 (PDF)


Sports Facilities Strategy for Copeland, Leisure Needs Assessment - Final Report April 2011

The purpose of this strategy is to provide a framework for the prioritisation, provision and development of sports facilities in the borough. By highlighting deficiences and opportunities for improvement, it will set the context for decisions about the priority and delivery of local sports facilities up to 2021 and 2026.

The scope of this strategy is to consider all built sports facilities which meet the needs of the wider community, including sports halls, swimming pools, health and fitness centres, indoor bowls and tennis, artifical grass pitches and athletic tracks, and any specialist sports facility needs identified. A separate study was done at the same time of playing pitches and other outdoor sports facilities (available to download above). It also includes small community halls that have potential for sport/leisure uses.

    Sports Facilities Strategy for Copeland, Leisure Needs Assessment - Final Report April 2011 (PDF)