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We are currently preparing bids to the Future High Streets Fund (Whitehaven) and Towns Fund (Millom and Cleator Moor)

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Housing Strategy

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The Copeland Housing Strategy provides information on important local housing matters and says what our key priorities are for housing in Copeland. The Housing Strategy is a shared document for the Council and its partners, which include housing associations, private landlords, charities and voluntary groups, housebuilders and other organisations.

Picture of the front cover of the Copeland Housing Strategy

The aim of the Copeland Housing Strategy is to make sure that the housing available in Copeland helps people to be healthy and safe. We are also aiming for strong housing markets that help our communities to be economically successful and sustainable in the long term.

The Strategy was written with the help of our housing partners and it is based on the knowledge and understanding we have about housing in Copeland.

Research and Information about Housing in Copeland

In Summer 2010 we carried out a large survey of households in Copeland to find out more about housing in the borough.

The survey provided a wealth of information directly from local people about housing in Copeland. This information is essential in helping us to plan our services and to help inform decisions about where investment in housing should take place. The information also helps us to plan what types of new housing are needed and where new housing should be built. The survey provided information from residents of all ages about how suitable their current housing is for them and their families, and what their housing needs will be in the future. It also provided information on what local people are spending on their housing costs and how easy or difficult they find it to meet these costs.

The individual survey results are confidential but the information from the survey was used to help produce a Strategic Housing Market Assessment (or SHMA), which is available to download.

Private Sector Stock Condition Survey

In 2007 we commissioned a Private Sector Stock Condition Survey.  A sample of privately owned and rented properties was surveyed by professional surveyors, who assessed the condition of the properties.

The Executive Summary of the Private Sector Stock Condition survey lists the main findings of the research and is available to download. 

Our Strategic Housing Role

  • Copeland Borough Council is a Strategic Housing Authority. Examples of Strategic Housing activities can include:
  • Finding out about and planning how to meet the need for all  types of housing, including social housing and privately owned or rented housing
  • Finding out about the housing we already have and making sure we are making the best use of it
  • Planning for the supply of new housing and helping to make new housebuilding possible
  • Planning and commissioning housing support services to help people to live independently in their homes
  • Ensuring effective housing and neighbourhood management through partnership working with groups such as housing associations

Copeland Empty Homes Policy

Click here to view our' Empty Homes Policy'