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Supplementary Planning Documents

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The Local Development Framework contains a portfolio of Local Development Documents (LDDs). Local Development Documents are generally Development Plan Documents (DPDs) or Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs). 

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) cover a range of issues and provide further explanation or detail as to how a policy in a Development Plan Document (DPD)should be implemented. SPDs are consulted on in draft form but are not subject to independent examination.

SPDs will be a material consideration in making decisions on planning applications and will therefore carry significant weight in decision-making.

The following SPDs have been / will be prepared for Copeland:

Pow Beck Development Brief Supplementary Planning Document (Adopted January 2008) - The SPD refers to the Pow Beck Valley in Whitehaven. The document has been produced to assist the regeneration of this area. The SPD seeks to inform developers and other interested parties of the constraints and opportunities presented by the Pow Beck Valley area, and indicate the type of development expected by the Council.

Cumbria Wind Energy Supplementary Planning Document (Adopted January 2008) - This SPD was produced by Cumbria County Council and formally adopted by the local planning authorities in Allerdale, Carlisle, Copeland, Eden, South Lakeland and the Lake District National Park. It provides locational guidance for wind farm developments. This SPD was adopted in January 2008.

Whitehaven Town Centre and Harbourside Supplementary Planning Document (Adopted September 2012) - Copeland Borough Council adopted the Whitehaven Town Centre and Harbourside SPD on 6th September 2012. The document provides design guidance for new development in the town centre and harbourside areas of Whitehaven, and promotes high quality in design, taking account of the historic significance of the town.

South Whitehaven Supplementary Planning Document (Adopted March 2013) - Copeland Borough Council adopted the South Whitehaven Plan SPD on 21st March 2013.  The South Whitehaven area extends from the existing housing area around Woodhouse and Greenbank south to the junction of St Bees Road and Wilson Pit Road, but excluding land around High House and Greenbank Farm. The SPD sets out a planning framework for the development of around 600 new houses and a range of proposed improvements to local neighbourhoods. It will consider design principles for the new housing, taking into consideration the local character of the area and the outstanding location with its views to the western fells and the Irish Sea.

West Whitehaven Supplementary Planning Document - Work has started on the preparation of the West Whitehaven SPD for the area of coastal fringe between the Candlestick Chimney in the north and Birkhams Quarry to the south, including the site of former Marchon chemical complex.The SPD will provide planning guidance for the area’s development, protection and enhancement and will take into consideration the important heritage assets, wildlife and potential opportunities for regeneration linked to tourism and other possible uses.

Design Quality SPD - The Design Quality SPD will build on relevant Core Strategy and Development Management policies to develop a foundation for driving up the standard of built development in the Borough.

Planning Contributions Framework Supplementary Planning Document - This SPD will set out the Council's approach and strategy for the use of a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) scheme, negotiating Section 106 agreements as part of planning approvals and setting up community benefits packages in relation to large scale development (e.g. nuclear new build).

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