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South Whitehaven Supplementary Planning Document

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The South Whitehaven Plan has been prepared by the Planning Policy Team, in partnership with Story Homes and Home Group. 

It was adopted by Copeland Council as a Supplementary Planning Document in March 2013. 

View the Adoption Statement - South Whitehaven Plan SPD

The South Whitehaven area extends from the existing housing area around Woodhouse and Greenbank south to the junction at St Bees Road and Wilson Pit Road, but excluding land around High House and Greenbank Farm.  The SPD sets out a planning framework for the development of around 600 new houses together with a range of proposed improvements to local neighbourhoods. It builds on the housing market renewal activity and improvements are likely to include enhancing the quality and range of neighbourhood facilities in the area.  The SPD also includes design principles for the new housing, taking into consideration the local character of the area and the outstanding location with its views to the western fells and the Irish Sea.

Adoption Statement - South Whitehaven Plan SPD

South Whitehaven Plan SPD

South Whitehaven Plan SPD Consultation Report

Sustainability Appraisal of the Draft South Whitehaven Plan SPD

For further information please contact the Planning Policy Team on 01946 598300.