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Planning Contributions SPD

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The Council has analysed Copeland’s infrastructure and is determining the priorities for improving it. (Infrastructure includes not only the physical infrastructure - such as transport, energy and water supply, drainage – but also social and environmental assets - such as sports facilities, community halls and open space). This SPD will set out those priorities as a basis for negotiating planning contributions from developers, so that new development helps to meet the impacts which it has on the Borough. The SPD will also inform negotiations with the developers of the proposed nuclear power station to secure the investment needed to make sure that benefits to the community of nuclear new build are optimised. The Council may decide to adopt a Community Infrastructure Levy, which would be a tariff potentially on all development. The SPD cannot do this and any proposal for a levy would be in a separate document subject to separate consultation and independent public examination.

For further information contact The Planning Policy Team on 01946 598300.  E-mail: