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Local Plan Consultations

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Welcome to the Local Plan Consultations and Recently Published Documents webpage

We are committed to engaging the community in the planning process. On this page you will find Local Planning consultations and other recently published documents.

The following short video introduces the Local Plan Preferred Options Draft and explains how you can get involved.

If you would like any further information, please either e-mail us: or telephone us on 01946 59 8300.

How we involve the Community in the planning process is set out in our Statement of Community Involvement

If you would like to be added to our database to be informed of future consultations, please e-mail your contact details (name, address, post code, telephone number and e-mail address) to Consultations / Recently Published Documents

Copeland Local Plan 2017-2035: Preferred Options Consultation

Due to the high level of interest in the Copeland Local Plan Preferred Options the Council is extending the Preferred Options consultation by a further two weeks.  This is to give everyone a chance to consider the Local Plan and understand the various evidence base reports that have informed it.  The closing date for responses is now Monday 30th November 2020.

The new Copeland Local Plan 2017-2035, which covers the area of Copeland outside the Lake District National Park, will:

  • Identify how much development should take place and where it should go
  • Provide guidance for high quality developments and the infrastructure required to support them
  • Allocate sites for housing, regeneration and employment
  • Identify areas which should be protected from development
  • Include policies to be used when determining planning applications

The Preferred Options consultation builds upon the Issues and Options stage, which ran between November 2019 and January 2020, and gives you the opportunity to respond to the Copeland Local Plan Preferred Options Draft and Appendices documents.  This page also includes the range of supporting documents that have informed and tested the Preferred Options for you to consider. 

The consultation documents can be found below.

To give your feedback on the Preferred Options please complete the questionnaire online using the following link:

Alternatively you can use that attached Response Form to respond to the consultation (link to form) and send it to:

Strategic Planning
Copeland Borough Council
The Market Hall
Market Place  
Cumbria  CA28 7JG 

Or by email to:

If you wish to submit an alternative site for the Council to consider for allocation, please do so using the attached form: Site Submission Form

Please send all responses no later than Monday 30th November.

The Preferred Options have been tested to consider their potential social, economic and environmental impacts, as well as their potential impact on protected habitats.  The Sustainability Appraisal Integrated Assessment Report and Habitats Regulations Assessment can be found below: 

  • Intergrated Assessment Report and Intergrated Assessment Scoping Report - Incorporating Sustainability Appraisal Strategic Environmental Assessment and Health Impact Assessment.  Assesses the potential social, economic and environmental impacts that may arise through the policies and proposals within the Issues and Options and Preferred Options Drafts of the Local Plan.
  • Habitat Regulations Assessment Draft Report 2020 - Assesses where the proposals and policies within the Preferred Options Draft may have a negative impact on the Natura 2000 network.  This version is the consultation draft which will be considered by Statutory Consultees and then finalised.
  • Marine Conservation Zone Assessment - The Marine Conservation Zone Report considers the impacts of the Local Plan Preferred Options Draft on the relevant Marine Conservation Zones.


The Preferred Options have been informed by the responses to the Issues and Options consultation, a number of Evidence Base studies, and Technical Reports, which can be found below:

  • Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) 2019 - Provides an assessment of future needs for both market and affordable housing, and the housing needs for different groups within Copeland’s population over the plan period.
  • Housing Needs Assessment Report 2020 - The document summarises the findings of the housing need survey 2019 and identifies housing needs in different parts of the Borough.
  • Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) - Identifies sites which may be suitable, available and economically viable for housing development, and provides evidence as to their deliverability
  • Copeland Housing Allocations Profiles - This document provides further information regarding the proposed housing allocations in the Local Plan Preferred Options Draft, including a list of known constraints to development.
  • 5 Year Housing Land Supply 2020 - This document identifies the supply of deliverable housing sites in the Borough against the housing need figure produced by the Government’s Standard Methodology and the need figure identified in the Strategic Housing Market Assessment. It also provides an update regarding the Council’s Interim Housing Policy
  • Economic Development Needs assessment 2020 - Provides and understanding of current and potential future requirements for employment land in the Borough.  This reflects the position at 2018. A 2020 EDNA is due to be commissioned shortly and will provide an updated 2020 position.
  • Indoor Facilities Study 2020 - (part of the Sports Strategy due in 2021): This Study assesses the need for built sports facilities in Copeland in order to guide future provision of indoor facilities to serve existing and future communities.
  • West Cumbria Retail, Town Centres and Leisure Study 2020 - Provides an assessment of retail and leisure provision in the borough and the development needs to help support economic growth in town centres.
  • Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2020 - Currently at stage 1, which identifies the known shortfalls and constraints surrounding infrastructure in the Borough. IDP stage 2 will be commissioned following the Preferred Options Consultation and will include details of what infrastructure requirements are necessary to support the Local Plan, as well as providing an Infrastructure Delivery Schedule.
  • Wind Energy Topic Paper 2020 and Appendix- Identifies an area suitable for wind energy development within Copeland
  • Development Strategy and Settlement Hierarchy Topic Paper – May 2020 - Outlines the Council’s Preferred Option surrounding the settlement hierarchy and development strategy, to identify the most sustainable parts of the Borough for development. 
  • Copeland Settlement Landscape Character Assessment 2020 - A tool for identifying the features which give Copeland a sense of place, helping to aid decision making in a way that is not detrimental to the landscape character. 
  • Copeland Open Space Assessment 2020 - Outlines the provision, details and condition of Open Spaces in Copeland and makes recommendations for where open space should be protected within the Local Plan. 
  • Copeland Local Green Spaces - Outlines land allocated as Local Greenspaces as a result of recommendation within the open Space Assessment 
  • Assessment of Employment Land, Opportunity Sites and Regeneration Areas 2020 - Provides a provisional assessment of employment sites and opportunity areas for potential inclusion within the Local Plan
  • Issues and Options Consultation Response Report – April 2020 - Outlines the responses gained through the Issues and Options Consultation as evidence for the development of the Preferred Options Draft 
  • Stage One Viability Study - A high level assessment of the viability of a representative range of housing, commercial and employment development across the Borough. Stage 2 will be commissioned following the Preferred Options Consultation and will provide a more in-depth analysis of sites and their deliverability. 
  • Village Surveys - The Village Services Survey assesses the level of service prevision in all the settlements outside the 4 Main Towns in Copeland