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Statement of Community Involvement

Copeland Borough Council adopted its Revised Statement of Community Involvement in August 2020.

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) is a Local Plan document which sets out the standards the Council will use to achieve meaningful consultation through engaging, informing and involving the community, consultees, stakeholders and other interested parties in a) the preparation, alteration and review of Copeland’s Local Plan and b) the consideration of planning applications.

The Revised SCI identifies the changes in engaging with the community, including those changes in national planning policy, and looks at the influence that the Local Plan has on planning and the roles played by the Borough Council, Cumbria County Council and members of the community in connection with planning matters. Fundamentally, the revised SCI aims to set down how and when the Council will involve the local community in the planning process along with how this document will continue to be monitored and reviewed over time.

The Adoption Statement is available to download below and provides detail of where the Revised SCI 2016 can be viewed at Copeland Borough Council offices in Whitehaven and Millom and at the libraries across Copeland.

The table of comments received in response to the public consultation which took place between April and May 2016 can also be viewed on the link below which includes the Council’s own response to those comments put forward and if or how comments made have been reflected within the Revised SCI 2016.

The Statement of Consultation sets out the methods taken by the Strategic Planning team of Copeland Borough Council in publicising and promoting the Draft Revised SCI for public consultation

 If you have any questions relating to the Revised SCI 2016 or any other Planning Policy related enquiry please contact the Strategic Planning team by telephoning 01946 598435 or emailing