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Local Plan 2021-2038 Publication Draft Consultation

We are asking for your views on policy H9PU of the Copeland Local Plan 2021-2038 Publication Draft, which seeks to allocate a site for use as Gypsy and Traveller accommodation

The consultation will run for six weeks between the 21st March 2022 and 3rd May 2022

Please note that the consultation into the Publication Draft of the Copeland Local Plan 2021-2038 has now ended. We are currently requesting comments on policy H9PU of the Publication draft, which seeks to allocate a site for use as Gypsy and Traveller accommodation.

The new Copeland Local Plan 2021-2038, which covers the area of Copeland outside the Lake District National Park, will:

  • Identify how much development should take place and where it should go
  • Provide guidance for high quality developments and the infrastructure required to support them
  • Allocate sites for housing, regeneration and employment
  • Identify areas which should be protected from development
  • Include policies to be used when determining planning applications

 The core Local Plan documents can be found below:

In addition to this a wide range of evidence base documents have been produced to inform the Local Plan which can be accessed on our Copeland Local Plan 2021-2038 Evidence Base Page.

The allocations in the Publication Draft and the mapping layers linked to the evidence base documents can all be found on the Council's Publication Draft Webmapping page.

Following this consultation, the Local Plan and all associated submission documents will be submitted to the Secretary of State in April 2022 for Public Examination by an Independent Planning Inspector.

Once the documents have been submitted, the Examination will run for the remainder of 2022, and it is hoped the Planning Inspector will produce their report in January 2023 to allow the Local Plan to be adopted in March 2023.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Local Plan and the current consultation please contact the Strategic Planning Team at or telephone 01946 598300