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Transferring burial deeds

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How to transfer Exclusive Rights of Burial deeds for cemetery plots.

Distington Hall Crematorium

The grave deed is proof of your right to bury within the grave. Only the named owner(s) can give consent to open a grave for an internment or strewing of cremated remains and to install or add inscriptions to a memorial/headstone.

Transfer of cemetery plots occurs for various reasons:

  • A plot owner moves from a region and no longer desires internment in that cemetery
  • is willed a plot
  • wishes to purchases a plot from a different part of the cemetery. 

Whatever the reason, you can easily transfer cemetery plots through the Crematorium Office at Distington Hall.


  • Contact the Distington Hall Crematorium and speak to a Neighbourhoods Services Officer to ascertain what documentation you will need to provide. This may include the exclusive right of burial deed, proof of address, letter of administration or probate for example.
  • Fill out any necessary transfer or "change of ownership" paperwork provided by the Crematorium Office.
  • Make an appointment to see the Neighborhoods Services Officer. Where the documentation will be checked.
  • Pay any fees applicable and keep the receipt for your records.
  • The new deed will then be posted out to the new owner in due course.


Published: 28 March 2013 - 9:24am