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Sustainability Appraisal Integrated Assessment

Copeland Borough Council
Sustainability Appraisal Integrated Assessment of the Copeland Local Plan
Integrated Assessment Scoping Report

This Scoping Report details the scope of the Integrated Assessment (IA) that will be carried out to inform the development of the Copeland Local Plan which is being produced by Copeland Borough Council.

The purpose of the IA is to promote sustainable development, health and equality issues through better integration of social, environmental and economic considerations into the preparation of the Copeland Local Plan.

The IA considers the requirements and scope of:

  • Sustainability Appraisal (SA) / Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
  • Health Impact Assessment (HIA).

This scoping report comprises the following:

  • Identification and review of relevant plans, programmes and strategies
  • Description of the baseline, namely the current and likely future social, economic and environmental characteristics (if current trends continue) of Copeland
  • Summary of the key issues for the Local Plan
  • Presentation of the assessment framework
  • Outline of the next steps.

A draft Scoping Report was produced in August 2019 and the Council then consulted statutory bodies to obtain their views regarding the scope of topics and methodology. Their comments have been included in the final Scoping Report (November 2019) which can be viewed here.