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Smoke Control Areas

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Do you live in a smoke contol area? You can find out by going to the 'my property' section of the website. Just click on the words 'my property' in the top green menu and enter your postcode. You will then be given a range of information about the property in which you live including whether or not it is in a smoke control area.

Parts of Copeland are Smoke Control Areas (under the Clean Air Act 1993) which means that smoke must not be emitted from chimneys of dwellings in these areas. The Smoke Control Areas include most of Whitehaven, Millom and Distington.

In these areas it is necessary to use authorised smokeless fuel for heating purposes. This includes gas, electricity, anthracite and various brands of manufactured solid smokeless fuels.

Alternatively, exempt appliances (such as some wood burners and stoves) which are designed to burn fuel without releasing smoke may be used.

We have produced maps in pdf format which outline the smoke control areas of Whitehaven, Millom and Distington.

Published: 9 May 2012 - 1:25pm