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Private Water Supplies

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Concerned about the quality of your water supply? If you are on mains water contact United Utilities or if you have a Private Water Supply we can help.

If you get your water supply privately from a well, borehole or spring on your property, we must test it to make sure it is safe to drink.

Most people in Copeland get their water through the mains. United Utilities treat and test our mains water to make sure it is safe for people to drink. They look out for signs of bacteria and viruses that can make people ill.

United Utilities also make sure that any chemicals in the mains water are at a safe level.

People in around 500 properties in Copeland get their water supply privately from a stream, well, borehole or spring on their property. This water may contain unsafe levels of bacteria, viruses, chemicals and lead.

The law says that where a property has no connection to the water mains, local authorities must test it. We’ll need to know how many people use the supply and how much water they use daily. If we need to, we will advise you what you need to do to make it safe. And we will monitor your supply regularly.

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