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Food complaints

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If you have a problem with food you have bought, the food safety team can help.

About food complaints

The Food Safety team look into complaints relating to poor food standards. 

Complaints generally fall into two categories:

  •  Complaints about food premises
  •  Complaints about food purchases


Complaints about food premises

If you have a problem with a food business, please contact our food safety team who will be happy to discuss the matter. All complaints are treated in confidence and we only release your name and address with your permission. We need your details so that we can report back to you.

Complaints about food purchases 

Food legislation is in place to make sure that you can buy food that is safe to eat, is of the quality you expect and is not misleadingly presented. 

Examples of some frequent food complaints;

  •  Mouldy food.
  •  Food containing foreign matter. (E.g. Pieces of metal, glass, plastic, insects)
  •  Contaminated food. (E.g. with chemicals)

You can deal with the complaint yourself by returning the food to the shop where it is was bought. However some complaints may need further investigation by The Food Safety Team.Where food has been bought within Copeland we can deal with complaints. Outside of Copeland we cannot investigate, however we will ensure your complaint is passed onto the correct person.

The length of time it can take to investigate a complaint will depend on individual circumstances. We will keep you fully informed of progress. 

Contact Us

If you have reason to complain or require some advice, please do not hesitate to contact a Food Safety Officer:-

Food Safety Team
Environmental Health
Copeland Borough Council,
Copeland Centre,
Catherine Street,
Whitehaven. CA28 7SJ 

Tel: 01946 598300                                                                                 

Fax: 01946 598304



Published: 10 May 2012 - 9:34am