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Do I need planning permission? (Householder)

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Some alterations to your home may not require planning permission and could be carried out as a permitted development, if they satisfy certain limits and conditions. These may include the following:-

  • Extensions
  • Dormers/roof alterations
  • Outbuildings
  • Hard surfaces/decking

Rear single storey extensions - prior approval

From 30th May 2013 you may need to apply for prior approval if you are building a rear single storey extension beyond the rear wall of the original dwelling (as built, or prior to 1948) without Planning Permission.

There is no fee for this but please fill out and return the form to us after reading our advice note.

Advice leaflet on prior approval for house extensions

Notification form for prior approval for house extensions

This change is for a temporary three year period only - extensions must be completed by 30 May 2016. Once an extension has been completed you must notify the Council in writing.

Form to notify the Council that the extension is complete

Further advice is available on the Planning Portal


Free householder enquiry service

You can use our free householder enquiry service to obtain an informal view of whether the  works that you intend to carry out to your home would be a permitted development or need planning permission. We will provide an informal response in writing to all householder enquiries.

To use the service download and complete one of the forms below.

Please make sure you answer all of the questions and provide a sketch of your proposal, including measurements in metric.

All completed forms should be sent to the following address:-

Development Control
Copeland Borough Council
The Copeland Centre
Market Hall
CA28 7JG

E mail :

Lawful Development Certificate

You can obtain formal confirmation that your proposed works are permitted development by applying for a Lawful Development Certificate. This is not the same as planning permission but provides proof that your household building work is lawful.

Apply for a Lawful Development Certificate


Further Guidance

Further guidance on various householder projects can be obtained from the Planning Portal using the following links:-

Advice on other forms of development can be found here.

Published: 6 March 2013 - 3:41pm