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Don’t get stung this summer

AS SUMMER season approaches, Copeland Council is reminding residents of its in-house pest control service.

Wasps can be a particular nuisance during the summer months and must be treated carefully.

The Council’s fully qualified and expertly trained pest control team is able to treat wasps’ nests for a fee. The team does not treat bees as they are an important part of our ecosystem.  

Wasps and bees can often be mistaken for one another. While both can give a painful sting when provoked, wasps are naturally more aggressive and can sting multiple times when attacking.

Wasps can be identified by their narrow waist and yellow dots below their head. Both have yellow stripes, but wasps’ stripes are brighter and more distinct, bees have duller stripes with a softer edge.

The Council’s domestic service offers free of charge advice and prevention techniques for rat infestations and can provide quotes for loft insulation clearance and area disinfection - following rodent infestations.

It also offers advice and chargeable treatments for mice, cockroach, bed bug and flea infestations, which are considered a public health risk.

Councillor Andy Pratt, Copeland Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Environmental Health, said: “We’re here to help residents enjoy the summer months and stay free of pests and critters.

“Wasps can be particularly unpleasant, and aggressive when provoked.

“They can cause a nasty sting so it’s important that nests are treated carefully, using the right equipment, by professionals with the appropriate training.

“We want to make sure people stay safe and pest free so they can enjoy the outdoors.

“If there’s something causing a nuisance on your property, get in touch with out trusted team.”

To find out more about the service and its fees visit or call 01946 598361.