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Anti-social behaviour warnings

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COPELAND Council’s enforcement team has issued 36 warnings for anti-social behaviour in Whitehaven.

The Council introduced Public Space Protection Orders in areas across the borough during the summer to deter nuisance behaviour in relation to public alcohol consumption and dog control.

PSPO’s relating to alcohol were introduced in specific areas in; Whitehaven town centre, Hensingham, Kells, Cleator Moor, Distington, Egremont, Frizington and Millom.

The orders provide Copeland Council’s Enforcement Officers and the police powers to issue fixed penalty notices to people caught drinking alcohol or causing anti-social behaviour in these areas.

Alcohol drinkers can be forced to surrender alcohol or pay a fine of up to £100.

Four incidents of anti-social behaviour in St Nicholas Gardens, in relation to drinking in a public place, have been dealt with by the Council’s officers. On two of these occasions, the police were called to support the officers in dealing with the offenders.

A warning was issued on Lowther Street and two warnings were also given in the Castle Park area in relation to alcohol consumption in public.

PSPO’s covering dog control are now in place replacing the previous Dog Control Orders. These orders exclude dogs from some specific areas such as playgrounds and recreation areas or require dogs to be on leads at all times in certain places. Officers also have the power to request that dogs are put on leads to avoid them being a nuisance. The new orders apply to specific areas in or around; Seascale, Cleator Moor, Beckermet, Whitehaven, Moresby, St Bees, Silecroft, Seascale, Parton, Netherwasdale, Calderbridge, Hensingham, Haverigg, Greenbank, Distington, Kells, Frizington, Egremont, Millom, Cleator, Moor Row, Lowca, Gosforth, Kirksanton, Whicham, Kirkland, Bootle, Keekle, Ravenglass and Bigrigg.

Enforcement officers dealt with 21 offences of keeping dogs on leads, at all times, at Castle Park, Trinity Gardens and St Nicholas Gardens. Officers also dealt with eight incidences of keeping dogs on leads by request on Lowther Street, King Street and Market Place.

Mike Starkie, Mayor of Copeland, said: “We’re really starting to see the benefits of the Public Space Protection Orders.

“Officers are quickly responding to reports of nuisance behaviour using our advise and educate approach in the first instance. They will be moving onto fining and prosecuting repeat offenders. 

“These initial warnings demonstrate that we, as a council, are playing our part in deterring anti-social behaviour in our towns making Copeland a better place to live, work and visit.”