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Statement on Sellafield Ltd' PPP announcement

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Mike Starkie, Mayor of Copeland, and Trudy Harrison, MP for Copeland, have welcomed the announcement by Sellafield Ltd of its preferred bidders for the Programme and Project Partners (PPP) framework:


In a joint statement, Mr Starkie and Mrs Harrison said:


“We welcome the announcement of the preferred bidders on Sellafield Ltd’s Programme and Project Partners (PPP) framework, through which a significant portion of the site’s supply chain services in Project and Programme Management, Engineering and Design, Civil and Process Construction will be procured over the next 20 years.


“The announcement marks a key milestone in Sellafield’s Transformation programme, and will fundamentally change the way that major projects are procured and delivered on the site, with a move towards outcome based contracting and a high degree of collaboration between the preferred bidders and the wider supply chain.


“UK Government’s approval of this framework demonstrates confidence in the NDA and Sellafield Ltd to continue their world-leading work to overcome the complex and unique nuclear decommissioning challenges on the site.


“This new framework offers great opportunity for us to work together with Sellafield Ltd and the preferred bidders to ensure extraction of maximum value from the Sellafield site, to deliver value to the taxpayer and to help to diversify and enhance the resilience of the local economy. This is of particular importance during the Transformation of the Sellafield site as reprocessing operations end by 2020 and the company’s mission moves towards decommissioning and environmental remediation. There are associated opportunities for the new framework partners to make a positive impact on the local workforce, skills and education landscape and to help to deliver the targets set out in the Nuclear Sector Deal under the UK’s Industrial Strategy.


“We whole-heartedly congratulate the preferred bidders and offer our support to them in setting up or expanding their operations in Copeland, and becoming key delivery partners in Copeland’s economic vision.


“This is a significant milestone in the evolution of the management of the Sellafield mission. We look forward to building strong, productive and lasting relationships with the PPP team to realise our shared ambitions for our economy and community.”