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Fines issued for fly-tipping and dog-fouling

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TWO Whitehaven residents have been hit with fines after failing to clear up after their dogs.

The two women were caught by Copeland Council’s Enforcement team this week; one in Castle Park and the other on Scotch Street, both in Whitehaven town centre. Both were issued with £80 fixed penalty notices for the offence.

The team has also imposed a £250 fixed penalty notice on a Whitehaven man who was caught fly-tipping. Council workers were led to the offender after finding evidence in bags of domestic rubbish which had been dumped on Coates Lane, Whitehaven.

Mike Starkie, Mayor of Copeland, said: “These examples should act as a deterrent for anyone who does not respect the beautiful borough in which we live. We have a zero tolerance approach.

“Our Enforcement team is extremely active, working on local knowledge and information from the public, to catch – and fine – people whose behaviour has such a negative impact on our surroundings.”

Copeland Council was forced to clear a total of 27 tonnes of fly-tipped material from throughout the borough during 2017/18. In October, it increased its fixed penalty amount for the offence from £200 to £250, however more serious examples can result in prosecution and a fine of up to £50,000 or a year-long prison sentence.

To report episodes of dog fouling or fly-tipping, contact Copeland Council on 01946 598300 or