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A clean sweep for Calderwood residents

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RESIDENTS of an Egremont hostel are now trained to prepare foods to professional standards. 

Calderwood House residents have been provided with advice and guidance on how to keep their kitchen clean, and food preparation safe, free of charge by Copeland Borough Council.

The council has been working with residents to provide advice and guidance on how to prepare food properly, which will benefit the residents when they move into their own homes.

The Egremont hostel received a food hygiene rating of five, the highest standard of rating thanks to the residents’ knowledge of best practice and techniques.

As part of the training, the Council’s Environmental Health Team provided the charity with a handy guide which can be adapted by the hostel to suit the residents’ needs.

Martin Hart, Calderwood House resident, said: “I was a chef by trade attending French classical catering college, serving in the army for six years, based in Germany.

“I think the training provided by the Copeland Council team is really useful as I enjoy being in the kitchen.

Rachel Holliday, Director at Calderwood House, said: “Keeping our residents safe is at the heart of what we do.

“To be able to educate our residents to adapt good food hygiene practice will support them in their own home when they move on.

“It also ensures that we keep our Calderwood kitchen to a high standard so that everyone can feel confident to use our kitchen.”

“The fact we have had a five rating for the second year running demonstrates how much we value our facility.

“We want anyone who walks through the door to be confident that our kitchen is not just clean, but immaculate and we make sure food is handled correctly.

Running a social enterprise is a thankless task at times and an expensive one. Copeland Borough Council are always on hand to lend their skills and time to help us to be the best we possibly can.

“The fact that the staff in the Environmental Health Department have taken their time to devise this fantastic training tool for us, free of charge, shows how much they really care about projects like ours.”

Mike Starkie, Mayor of Copeland, said: “We are immensely proud to be able to support organisations such as Calderwood House.

“The work they do is invaluable and we will support their efforts in any way we possibly can.

“It is a fantastic organisation providing vital services to those in need, and I commend them for all they have done and continue to do for their residents and the local community.”