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'Don't feed the seagulls' plea

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PLEASE don’t feed the seagulls - that’s the plea being made by Copeland Council in a new campaign leaflet.

Whitehaven, and Copeland’s other coastal towns and villages, are home to a large number of seagulls, and Copeland Council has published an information leaflet to help counter some of the problems they bring.

It details the law as it relates to seagulls, and outlines what measures can be taken to deter them, including eliminating their food source and preventing nesting sites.

Councillor Lena Hogg, Copeland’s Portfolio Holder for Environmental Health, said: “Seagulls are a prominent feature of all seaside towns, but they do create problems. They can be noisly, they can spread rubbish and they’ve been known to attack people on the harbour.

“The message to residents  and visitors is very simple – do not feed seagulls, and do all you can to eliminate their food source. Feeding them increases their population as they go to where they know they can get food.”

Copeland Council has been supported by Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners in the production and distribution of the leaflet.

Celia MacKenzie, chief executive of Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners, said: “We fully support – and are grateful for – Copeland Council’s effort in producing this leaflet.

“It gives accurate information and good advice on how to try and deal with the problems the gulls bring to the town and the harbour.”

The leaflet has been circulated to parish councils in Copeland, in addition to Whitehaven town centre and harbourside businesses. It is available at, and to request a copy email