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Don't lose your vote

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RESIDENTS will soon be asked to help Copeland Council update its register of electors.

The annual canvass - where householders are sent a form and asked to confirm who lives at that address - will start on August 7.

Updating the register means everyone who wants to vote is able to do so, and being on the register can also help with obtaining financial services like mortgages or phone contracts.

The quickest and easiest way to respond is online at, using the two-part security code on your form. If you need to make changes, you can add or remove residents following the simple on-screen instructions.

If there are no changes, you can respond by calling the council's automated service on 0808 284 1462 or by texting your two-part security code to 07786 209362.  

Alternatively the form can be completed and posted to the council using the pre-paid envelope provided. 

Copeland's managing director and returning officer, Pat Graham, said: "It's vital that residents respond to this national electoral form. We welcome a quick response, but for those not able to do it promptly we will help by sending a reminder. If there is still no response we will then make a personal visit to ensure residents can return the relevant information.

"If any new people have been added to a household enquiry form, they must now register to vote themselves; they can now go online to register themselves at or they will be sent an 'invitation to register' form. To register to vote you will need your National Insurance Number and date of birth."

Following the annual canvass, the new register will be published on December 1.