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Mayor issues statement on Moorside power station

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Copeland's mayor Mike Starkie has issued the following statement on the news that plans for the Moorside nuclear power station in West Cumbria are being paused while NuGen carries out a strategic review.

Mr Starkie said: "I have always fully supported NuGen's Moorside nuclear project.

"It is crucial to West Cumbria that this project goes ahead to ensure that we have jobs and prosperity secured for present and future generations, ensuring a lasting legacy.


"We believe this is the best of UK sites for investment, and as the Centre of Nuclear Excellence, we are well rehearsed in dealing with large scale nuclear projects.


"I have today (Wednesday) spoken with the CEO of NuGen, Tom Samson, and I have had a frank and honest discussion with him. I am reassured that the reasoning behind the strategic review is to ensure that the Moorside project is on the right track and the commitment to its delivery assured.


"UK Government support for the project was affirmed by the Prime Minister very recently and there is no doubt in my mind that the result of this strategic review will ultimately result in a stronger more sustainable project.


"Let us all also be aware that the Moorside plant will, besides creating thousands of jobs and bringing billions of pounds of investment into West Cumbria, it also has a key objective of the provision of seven per cent of the UK’s future, low-carbon electricity requirement, a cornerstone of Government’s energy policy.


"I am 100 per cent sure that the Moorside nuclear project will go ahead and that the community in West Cumbria will be very supportive.


"We will work with NuGen, as always, positively and proactively to deliver our common goal. When I asked Tom Samson if he was 100 per cent confident that the Moorside project would go ahead, his response was no not 100% per cent -  but 110 per cent!"