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NuGen statement on community letters,

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In response to concerns raised by members of the community, NuGen wishes to take the opportunity to apologise for any confusion or concern caused by a letter it recently sent to householders and landowners in the vicinity of the Moorside Project.

The letter was not clear and used overly-technical and officious language, which NuGen recognises has caused confusion, anxiety and worry to local people. The letter did not give enough clear explanation about NuGen’s need to collect information on local land and property ownership, and was not sensitive to the way in which the letter might have been received.

NuGen is required to collect this information, under planning rules, from anyone who has an involvement in property which could be affected by the development. However, many people who received this letter believed that it indicated that NuGen would compulsorily purchase their property. In fact, the vast majority of people who have been contacted as part of this request for information will not be affected in this way.

Recipients of the letter were contacted on the basis that they will be potentially affected, to some degree by the construction of Moorside Nuclear Power Station; NuGen had intended to ensure that these important stakeholders were fully consulted.

NuGen will be issuing a letter clarifying the situation to all people who received the original letter, and will be arranging drop-in sessions where its planning team will be on hand to answer any questions or provide further information.

Additionally, NuGen’s leadership team will be holding meetings in April with members of the public in Egremont and Beckermet ahead of the second stage of public consultation, which is due to start on 14th May. The company welcomes the opportunity to engage with the community on this or any other issue.

Anyone concerned about the letter from NuGen can contact the company by email:, or by calling the Moorside Information Centre on 01946 691006.