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Copeland Open for Business goes global

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A unique video of Copeland, which welcomed more than 300 representatives from businesses across the UK to Copeland Borough Council’s economic conference is set to showcase the region to a worldwide audience.


Produced by Adamedia Ltd as their contribution to the Copeland Open for Business Conference, the film takes you on a bird’s eye view tour of the borough, featuring the business and economic developments alongside the beauty and leisure opportunities of the coastline and countryside.  


Based in Beckermet near Egremont, Adamedia Ltd used a drone for the film to capture Copeland from every angle – and the video is now being used by the council to promote the business opportunities in the area internationally, online.


Adam Pearson of Adamedia Ltd said: “We were delighted to be asked to provide a showcase for Copeland and pleased to be able to support the event and campaign going forward.


“The use of  aerial  filming  enables us to create a unique perspective on an area, even for locals who are very familiar with the landscape and developments.”


Mayor of Copeland, Mike Starkie said: “Those who attended last month's conference will no doubt have been blown away by the excellent aerial video showcasing what Copeland has to offer.

“The short film really does give you a very different perspective on our borough. Now we are able to spread that message worldwide, thanks to Keith and Adam Pearson of Adamedia Ltd, who have given us the opportunity to use the video for the online platform of our Copeland Open for Business campaign.


“There is an estimated £90 billion investment in West Cumbria over the next 20 years and we want to encouraged people and businesses to make the most of the opportunities coming to the area in order to create better and sustainable future for Copeland. 


“Being able to give this view of Copeland on a global scale to attract companies to invest in the area gives us a great advantage and builds upon the fantastic response we have received from the Copeland Open for Business conference.


“We were delighted so many businesses from the widest range of businesses were able to attend the conference. There wasn’t a spare chair in the room. Now we can reach an even larger audience.”


Following the conference, guest speaker and Deputy CEO of NuGen, Robert Armour, said: “We are committed to creating a positive legacy for the area from our development at Moorside. Our work programme could provide employment opportunities for the grandchildren of the people at the conference here today. We want the project to have a long term benefit for Copeland.”


Christian Froggatt, Director of CF Architects based in Surrey, said: “There is a real opportunity, which should not be missed, to create this new infrastructure of housing, retail and education to support both the existing and new communities to a 21st Century world class level of design and sustainability.”


The networking and discussions are continuing virtually via a LinkedIn group ‘Copeland Open for Businesses’, where entrepreneurs, businesses and people looking to move into the area can find out more about the opportunities in Copeland. The video is available through the council’s facebook pages, LinkedIn group, twitter feed and website or via this link