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We are currently preparing bids to the Future High Streets Fund (Whitehaven) and Towns Fund (Millom and Cleator Moor)

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FAQ Answer

You can request sandbags from us for a residential property by calling 01946 59 8300.

However, sandbags are of limited use. In the short term they will deflect running water and filter any contaminants in the water. Where there is standing water and the water level is higher than doors or airbricks sandbags will be of no use. Sandbags will be of no help if your property is already flooded and we discourage their use in these circumstances unless there is a risk from sewage contamination. If you are in a flood risk area, or have a history of flooding, then you should be considering more comprehensive flood protection.

You can make a sandbag barrier more effective by draping a plastic sheet over the top of the bags and then weighing this down with further sandbags to make a seal. We do not provide plastic sheets or plastic bags. Once the sandbags have been delivered they become the property owner’s responsibility including the responsibility for their deployment, proper maintenance and disposal when not needed.

You can request sandbags for your home by contacting us on 01946 598300. Our aim is to deliver them on the same day, within six hours if high rainfall is predicted (in extreme flooding this may not be achievable), or next day delivery in dry conditions. There are practical limitations to how many bags can be delivered.

We do not provide sandbags for commercial properties, and we do not arrange the free collection of used sandbags.

For further advice about preparing for flooding or dealing with the consequences of flooding please go to the Environment Agency's website.