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December 12 General Election

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Where you see this symbol FAQ you can submit a question and we will add the answer to our pool of Frequently Asked Questions for the benefit of other users. Whilst using the website if you come across a term or word you do not understand, then you can submit it to our glossary and we will provide an explanation, which again will help other users. We try to use plain language where possible and your feedback will help. Thank you.

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FAQ Answer
Have questions about your Home Group, Housing 21, Two Castles, Impact or other Housing Association house?

At the council we do not deal with everyday problems with housing association properties such as repairs – you need to phone your housing association.

The contact details for the main housing associations are:

  •  Home Group Housing Association: 0345 141 4663
  • Two Castles Housing Association: 01946 591848
  • Impact Housing Association: 0344 8736290

See also "Finding a housing association home in Copeland"

How can I arrange collection of an old bed?

You can organise collection of an old bed, furniture, fridges or any other large item simply by requesting a bulky waste collection.  We will collect up to three items in one go. You can organise a bulky waste collection by calling us on 01946 59 8300 and we will discuss your requirements. We charge £27 to take away up to three items.

How can I find a council house?

The council does not own its own houses for rent. All of the social rented properties in Copeland are owned by housing associations.

To apply for a housing association house in Copeland you will need to register for Cumbria Choice, and apply for properties you are interested in. You can find information about Cumbria Choice and details about how to use it at link to Cumbria Choice webpage.

Otherwise you can contact the housing associations as follows:

  • Home Group Housing Association: 0345 141 4663
  • Two Castles Housing Association: 01946 591848
  • Impact Housing Association: 0344 8736290


How can I get access to the Building Regulations documents?

The documents can be accessed from the Planning Portal website. Click here to access all the Approved Documents

How do I apply for a Blue Badge?

The Blue Badge scheme provides a range of parking concessions for people with severe mobility problems who have difficulty using public transport, so that they can park close to where they need to go. The scheme is a Department for Transport scheme run by local councils and operates throughout the UK.

To apply go to

In Copeland, the scheme is administered by Cumbria County Council. They have more information and an application form on their website or you can call them on 01228 606060.