Building control contacts

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Contact details of how to get in touch with the Copeland Borough Council building control department.


Copeland Building Control area   

Northern Area:

Deborah Fletcher
(Principal Building Control Surveyor)
Tel: (01946) 598408

John Caine
(Building Control Surveyor)
Tel: (01946) 598410


Southern Area:

John McGrady
(Building Control Surveyor)
Tel: (01946) 598411

Les Finley
(Building Control Surveyor) 
Tel: (01946) 598425

Administrative Enquiries:

Diane Parkinson
Tel: (01946) 598413 

Sally Huddart
Tel: (01946) 598409 

General Enquiries:

Mark Key
(Building Control Manager)
Tel: (01946) 598407

Published: 18 February 2013 - 3:05pm