Legal and licensing


Legal and licensing

  1. Provisional statement

    You will need to apply for a provisional statement if you require confirmation that a premises under construction, or being substantially altered would be granted a premises licence upon completion of the building works

  2. Application to register a non-commercial society

    Application to register a non-commercial society

  3. Notice of gambling application

    Notice of application for a provisional statement where there is more than one applicant.

  4. Notice of app for premises licence, Corner Bar

    Notice of application for a premises licence for the Corner bar, Tangier St, Whitehaven.

  5. Personal searches

    Notice of our personal search service.

  6. How do I get my vehicle licensed as a taxi?
  7. Premises Licence Application - Charcoal Grill

    Application for a Premises Licence - Charcoal Grill

  8. Review a premises licence

    Application to review a premises licence.

    The review procedure applies to both a premises licence and a club premises certificate. A review may be sought relating to a premises licence or club premises if local residents and businesses in the vicinity or any of the responsible authorities have concerns with the running of the premises. Representations must be based around one or more of the four licensing objectives. These are:

    • The prevention of crime and disorder
    • Public safety
    • The prevention of public nuisance
    • The protection of children from harm
  9. Puncheon - Variation - October 13

    Notice of application to vary premises licence at the Puncheon, Whitehaven

  10. Premises Licence - Bulwark Quay

    Application for a Premises Licence

  11. Minor variation form

    Application to make a minor variation to a premises licence.

    A minor variation would only be applicable for variations to premises licences or club premises certificates that could have no adverse effect on the promotion of any of the four licensing objectives. These are:

    • The prevention of crime and disorder
    • Public safety
    • The prevention of public nuisance
    • The protection of children from harm

    Minor variations cannot be used to:

    • Extend the period for which the licence or certificate has effect
    • Change the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS)
    • Add the sale/supply of alcohol as a licensable activity
    • Allow the sale/supply of alcohol between 23.00 and 07.00
    • Allow an increase in the amount of time on any day during which alcohol may be sold/supplied
    • Remove a DPS from a church hall or community centre
  12. Revised statement of licensing policy

    Publication of revised statement of licensing policy - Licensing Act 2003.

  13. Disclosure of convictions

    You will need to complete this form as part of your application for a personal licence.

    A personal licence must be held by a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) but can also be held by anyone involved in the sale of alcohol by retail. It is not necessary for all staff selling alcohol to have a personal licence.

    Please note: You must be 18 years old or over in order to apply for a personal licence.

    The following must be submitted to the Licensing Authority:

    • Completed application form.
    • 2 passport size photographs, one of which must be endorsed on the reverse with a statement verifying the likeness of the photograph to you by a solicitor, notary, a person of standing within the community or any individual with a professional qualification. This person must not be a relative.
    • A criminal conviction certificate. The certificate must be less than 1 month old at the time of application.
    • Completed 'Disclosure of Convictions and Declaration' form.
    • Level 2 National Certificate for Personal Licence Holder (NCPLH).
    • The current fee of £37.00.
  14. Notice of application for a review - Sydney's


  15. Application for the reinstatement of a premises licence

    Application form to have a premises licence reinstated.

  16. BBN Assessors Guidance

    BBN Assessors Guidance

  17. Asda variation of premises licence

    Application by Asda Stores to vary a premises licence. You have until 3 October 2013 to comment. See the attached document for details.

  18. How do I get a Private Hire Driver's Licence?
  19. Application for Minor Variation - Manhattans etc.

    Application for Minor Variation - Manhattans etc. 

  20. Statment of licensing policy

    This is our revised gambling policy.

    Under the Gambling Act 2005, a new regime for regulating gambling and betting was introduced throughout the United Kingdom from 1 September 2007.  Apart from the National Lottery and spread betting, gambling and betting is regulated by the Gambling Commission, whose duties include licensing the operators and individuals involved in providing gambling and betting facilities.

    Copeland Borough Council has a duty under the Act to licence premises where gambling is to take place and to licence certain other activities (such as registering small society lotteries).  This document sets out how we intend to approach this task.

  21. Notices of applications - variations

    Notice of application to vary a premises licence

  22. Variation of Premises Licence - Calder House Hotel

    Variation of Premises Licence - Calder House Hotel

  23. Vary premises licence

    Form to use if you wish to apply to vary the details of your existing licence. A variation of your premises licence is required if you want to change any aspect of the premises licence such as adding / removing conditions, adding / removing licensable activities, varying the existing hours for permitted licensable activities or varying the premises plans.

  24. Statement of Licensing Policy

    Statement of Licensing Policy

  25. Gambling Policy 2016

    Gambling Policy 2016


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