Legal and licensing


Legal and licensing

  1. Gambling policy as of December 2012

    Revised Statement of Licensing Policy effective from 31 January 2013

  2. Premises Licence Application - the Vagabond

    Application for a Premises LIcence - The Vagabond

  3. Medical certificate

    Medical certificate in support of an application for a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle licence.

  4. Premises Licence - Commercial Inn

    Premises Licence - Commercial Inn

  5. Guidance when running a small lottery

    Guidance to follow if you are planning to run a small lottery.

  6. Premises Licence Variation - Morrisons

    Premises Licence Variation - Morrisons

  7. Premises licences guidance notes

    Notes explaining all about premises licences - who needs them, how to get them and the rules governing them.

  8. Trackside Cafe - app for prem licence

    Notice of an application for a premises licence for the Trackside Cafe in Millom.

  9. Application to vary a premises licence

    Application to vary a premises licence under the Gambling Act 2005.

  10. Where can I read the Licensing Act 2003?
  11. Gambling policy (pdf)

    Revised statement of licensing effective from January 2013.

  12. Application for Premises Licence - B&M Stores

    Application for a Premises Licence

  13. Disclosure of convictions

    The form to use to disclose any convictions in relation to an application for a personal licence.

  14. Draft Statement of Licensing Policy 2015 – 2019

    Any decision taken by the Council in regard to determination of licences, certificates and notifications should aim to promote the licensing objectives which are:

     The prevention of crime and disorder
     Public safety
     The prevention of public nuisance
     The protection of children from harm

    The policy covers the licensable activities as specified in the Act which are:

     Sale by retail or supply of alcohol
     Regulated entertainment
     Late night refreshment

  15. Premises licence

    Application for premises licence.

  16. Premises Licence - Pacha Coffee

    Premises Licence - Pacha Coffee

  17. Sample conditions

    In line with other North West Local Authorities, we have prepared sample conditions that may be used in respect of individual premises in order to promote the four licensing objectives.  The conditions are of course not appropriate to all premises.

  18. Notice of app for premises licence, WRLFC

    WRLFC 2010 Ltd has applied for a premises licence for its pitch area.

  19. Noticeof application for a premises licence (Form A)

    Notice to be published announcing application for a premises licence with one applicant.

  20. Can I become a taxi driver?
  21. How do I get my vehicle licensed as a taxi?
  22. Notice to vary a licence

    The Co-op Egremont has applied for variation to its premises licence to allow it to sell alcohol.

  23. Premises Licence Application - La'al Persian

    Application for Premises Licence - La'al Persian

  24. Personal licence

    Anyone who plans to sell or supply alcohol or authorise the sale or supply of alcohol must apply for a personal licence.

    A personal licence must be held by a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) but can also be held by anyone involved in the sale of alcohol by retail. It is not necessary for all staff selling alcohol to have a personal licence.

    Please note: You must be 18 years old or over in order to apply for a personal licence.

    The following must be submitted to the Licensing Authority:

    • Completed application form.
    • 2 passport size photographs, one of which must be endorsed on the reverse with a statement verifying the likeness of the photograph to you by a solicitor, notary, a person of standing within the community or any individual with a professional qualification. This person must not be a relative.
    • A criminal conviction certificate. The certificate must be less than 1 month old at the time of application.
    • Completed 'Disclosure of Convictions and Declaration' form.
    • Level 2 National Certificate for Personal Licence Holder (NCPLH).
    • The current fee of £37.00.
  25. Special Cumulative Impact Policy

    The purpose of this report is to request that defined areas of Whitehaven town centre be included within a new special cumulative impact policy.


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