Legal and licensing


Legal and licensing

  1. Hackney carriage drivers

    Section 59 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 states that a council, before granting a hackney carriage driver's licence must be satisfied that an applicant is a fit and proper person to hold such a licence and that the applicant has for at least 12 months prior to the date of the application, been authorised to drive a motor car (that is, held a full driver's licence for that period).

  2. Application premises licence - Copeland Stadium

    Application for premises licence - Copeland Stadium

  3. Premises Licence - Richmond Hotel

    Premises Licence - The Richmond Hotel

  4. Guidance on small society lotteries

    Small society lotteries, often run by schools and other community organisations, are caught by the provisions in the Gambling Act 2005 relating to children. Small society lottery organisers and promoters will commit offences if they sell tickets to under 16s.

    Lottery organisers and promoters are reminded that these lotteries should ensure that they comply with the provisions of the Gambling Act 2005 and that in particular children should not be involved in the sale or purchase of small society lottery tickets. The provisions relating to this type of lottery are set out in this attachment.

  5. Draft Gambling Policy

    Draft Statement of Gambling Policy

  6. List of offences

    This is a list of offences that can be committed under the Licensing Act 2003. Council or police officers can prosecute persons for any of these offences. Cases can be dealt with by way of a formal caution or in the Magistrates Court. The Court may also order the forfeiture of a Personal Licence, or suspend it for up to six months. If you are convicted of an offence, the police may also raise objections to you holding a Personal Licence, and the council can hold a hearing to consider whether your Personal Licence should be revoked.

  7. Application for a Premises Licence, Rosehill

    Application for a Premises Licence, Rosehill Arts Trust

  8. Notice of application for a premises licence

    Notice of when someone has applied for a premises licence.

  9. App Premise License Crab Fair 18

    Notice of an application for a premises license for Egremont Crab Fair, Main Street, 2018.

  10. Disclosure of convictions form

    Disclosure of criminal convictions form to accompany renewal of a Hackney Carriage licence or Private Hire Driver's Licence.

  11. House to house collections

    A house to house collections licence is required when there is a collection for charitable purposes.

  12. Notice of application for premises licence

    Notice of application for premises licence - Frizington Chippy and Convenience Store

  13. Premises Licence - Ulpha Post Office

    Premises Licence - Ulpha Post Office

  14. Small lottery return form

    If you run a lottery you are required by law to make a return to the local authority that gives you permission to run the lottery. This requires two members of the society to make a declaration about how the lottery was run.

  15. Premises Licence Variation - Joe Bananas

    Premises Licence Variation - Joe Bananas

  16. Licensing fees

    Businesses, organisations and individuals who want to sell or supply alcohol in England and Wales must have a licence or other authorisation from a licensing authority - usually a local council. The law and policy governing this area is overseen by the Home Office.Here you can view a list of fees and charges for the various types of licence available.

  17. Gosforth Hall Inn Not of App vary prem lic

    Gosforth Hall Inn Notice of Application to vary premises licence

  18. Notice of application for provisional statement

    Provisional statements are for those who have an interest in premises, but don’t necessarily own the premises, or are not in a position to say that they intend to operate a business there. It could be that the individual or business applying for a provisional statement, wants to be sure that there isn’t any opposition to a particular proposal, before they spend large sums of money.

    The application and consultation process for a ‘provisional statement’ is the same as for a ‘premises licence’ and under normal circumstances, a premises licence application will eventually follow on from the grant of a provisional statement; if the applicant intends to go ahead with the proposal.

  19. The Espresso Market Place - licence variation

    The Espresso Market Place - licence variation

  20. Renewal of private hire driver's licence

    Form to use to renew your private hire driver's licence.

  21. Local land charges search

    A Local Authority Search is usually requested by a solicitor on behalf of purchasers of land or property, and forms part of the conveyancing process.  The standard questions give potential buyers details of any restrictions or legal obligations which are enforceable against successive owners.  We carry out all official searches covered by the Local Land Charges Act 1975 and we guarantee comprehensive replies.

  22. Premises Licence Application - the Vagabond

    Application for a Premises LIcence - The Vagabond

  23. Medical certificate

    Medical certificate in support of an application for a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle licence.

  24. Premises Licence - Commercial Inn

    Premises Licence - Commercial Inn

  25. Guidance when running a small lottery

    Guidance to follow if you are planning to run a small lottery.


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